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Things I have discovered…

A lot of tears flowing freely from me, I feel like I have been sucked dry and punched in the face (it’s amazing what a truckload of makeup and a spatula can do hahaha)

My guest blog post from Mystery Case saw a big lot of traffic heading to my Warm Fuzzies group this week, lots more people to help spread the revolution to the world. The story was a hard one to write, and while I condensed it and left a lot of things out, it brought up old memories and hurt, and funny how it all happened at the same time that Hubby was going through some tough emotional trauma and more health issues (coincidence? I think not – our motto has always been, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”, and it always does) but then to be greeted with the abundance of gorgeous words people had to say to me, left me feeling stunned and with the biggest Warm Fuzzy of all!

AND it keeps going, it is being featured ivillage for the Friday iBlog – weekly round-up!

I have discovered that the time I was talking about in my warm fuzzy story is now just a memory and it really has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t be here writing this post on MY OWN BLOG about MY OWN achievements and talents and helping the people around me (especially my wonderful husband) if it didn’t happen.


I have also discovered an abundance of beautiful people out there in the world – some I haven’t yet met, but have really touched my heart, and all willing to push me into this new world before me with love and kindness and complete generosity. I have always had fantastic support from my family and friends, but this goes beyond my comprehension – my cyber family!!

Who would have thought I had so much to say when this blog started not long ago!

I look forward to a great future full of creativity, love, HEALTH – I will get my husband healthy!!, good times, great friends and complete contentedness (is that even a word? – you know what I mean)

family happiness


I hope to entertain and teach you a few things by sharing with you, thankyou for being by my side and lets put on our rainbow glasses and remember that “to have a rainbow, we first must have rain“, it is the rain that makes us strong!

Love Kirsty x