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CARRIE & LIL” LEAH – Some of the cutest photos you ever did see (from the MY GIRL collection)

My Girl Carrie


What little girl doesn’t like a tulle skirt and a lace top??


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My Wardrobe tips and kiddy stylists!

Today I thought I would share my wardrobe photos where a lot of my inspiration and fabric comes from. It isn’t the prettiest of wardrobes but it is full of pretty things, the size of a small bathroom and my sanctuary (yes I have been known to hide in here, have you ever noticed how quiet it is hiding amongst clothes and fabric?) and the much-needed sturdy railing was made and put up by my ever supporting husband.

Most items I have had for years and there are a few very sentimental things in there and a lot has been thrifted and handmade/refashioned – by me.
(Hint….I know you are waiting for my first collection to be released but a hint on next years collections inspiration may be hanging in there in full view)

Obsessive Creative Design my wardrobe Obsessive Creative Design wardrobe tips Obsessive Creative Design my wardrobe tips
I get bored with it at times, as most people do, but I haven’t really had to buy much lately as I found 2 new tools to help me see my wardrobe in a different light…..My two eldest kids ( the littlest one is still in training)

Obsessive creative design Kids restyle    Obsessive creative design Kids restyle
Lately they have been asking to style me an out fit and I have to say, they are pulling things out of there I had no idea what to do with and styling their little butts off, jewellery and all!!
This is what they came up with……

Obsessive creative design Kids restyle wardrobe tips  Obsessive creative design Kids restyle wardrobe tips

Outfit 1 – leopard print refashioned dress (hand me down from my sister’s stash and refashioned by me), acid green cropped jacket (been in my wardrobe for years), purple suede boots (from Betts, had them for years but my faves), vintage fedora hat bought online, jewellery from diva and Jet Empire Jewellery (yes the bag was part of the outfit, it was a must hahaha)

Obsessive creative design Kids restyle wardrobe tipsObsessive creative design Kids restyle wardrobe tips

Outfit 2 – Pink pleated skirt (thrifted), Purple haori jacket (picked up while we were in Japan), purple sued boots(obviously a favourite of the kid’s too), Red wooden necklace (thrifted) and cuff watch (given to me from the kids for a birthday)

So, how did they do?? Can you guess which out fit was styled by who??
(There may be a prize involved for the first correct answer)

Well, you have officially ran out of excuses for ‘not having a thing to wear’ in your wardrobe! Here’s my wardrobe tips…

1. Stick to your favourites and slowly introduce other items to style with those favourites
2. Add to it with new and old treasures (keep your eyes peeled for my collection soon to be released, and lots of upcycled goodies coming soon)
3. Have a ‘chuck out’ and follow the rules found here
while you are clearing out, put things back in “outfits”, choose a day when you have time to try things on
and put aside items that you love but no longer wear and employ the help of someone like myself to refashion them for you or do it yourself.
4. Get your kids in there to style your out fit, or hubby, or grandma…..anyone willing and with fresh eyes!! You will be surprised at how well they do, I guarantee.

So there you have it, a little bit of wisdom from me, use it (or not) to fall in love with your wardrobe again!
Until next time
Love Kirsty