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CARRIE & LIL” LEAH – Some of the cutest photos you ever did see (from the MY GIRL collection)

My Girl Carrie


What little girl doesn’t like a tulle skirt and a lace top??


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This is the design that started all of this craziness and obsession (I am talking about the collection idea – I have always been crazy and obsessed hahaha)

I wanted to create a rather ‘child like, little princess’ design that was very girly and playful and something adaptable so that it can be made with all sorts of fabric and come up with something different every time (a great way to use up my vintage lace curtain fabric which I have fun dying all sorts of colours)

The end result was a “Carrie Bradshaw” inspired skirt, so there was only one name fitting in my eyes!!

So the sky is your limit when it comes to this skirt, shown here in a few different ways

TulleTulle Carrie Skirt

Tulle with lace Carrie Skirt Tulle with lace

Patterned Tulle Carrie Skirt Patterned Tulle Obsessive Creative Design

Carrie Skirt Patterned tulle

Tulle with printed liningCarrie Skirt Tulle with printed Lining

tulle with printed lining Carrie Skirt

CARRIE comes in all sizes, colours and combinations.

When you order a CARRIE, you work with me to create your very own and if you don’t have the creative foresight, don’t worry, just give me a colour and a general idea and I will create something for you.

Price $95

Now, check out these beautiful photos of the CARRIE……..

Carrie Skirt OCD

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Obsessive Creative Design Carrie Skirt

Obsessive Creative Design The secrets of the forest

Obsessive Creative Design Carrie Skirt collection

I would love to give a shout out to the jewellery designers featured in these shots

I Love Lola – Gold leather fringed necklace “Fringed Benefits” http://www.ilovelola.com.au/

Sistaco – turquoise Necklace – “Tiffany”  http://www.sistaco.com/

My full collection can be viewed here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,

Kirsty x