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Frocktober Day 16 – Ravin’ in a Cave

Dear Diary,

We couldn’t come down this way without visiting at least one cave, so we chose Ngilgi Cave – Fabulous spot!!

I was wearing ‘Tallulah’ from the collection today, as much as it is a bit more subdued than some other dresses I have worn over Frocktober, I was by far the most ‘dressed up’ for venturing into a cave – at least I was wearing flats and not heels though!



Actually, we have some photos at home of me in Mammoth cave, in a long jersey dress, 13 years ago, just after we found out we were pregnant for the first time!! I will dig them out when I get home and compare them with these pics!

I can tell you how I was feeling at that time, so long ago – although it doesn’t seem that long – I was feeling completely invincible and so special that I was growing a little being at the time. ┬áIt seemed so surreal and wonderful and it still does now that the 3 of them are here and growing into awesome little humans, it is the best job in the world to be a parent and I will do anything to protect them – a big reason why I am doing this fun and crazy event!



It is the quietest I have ever experienced in here!!



Waiting….waiting…..(and catching my breath shhhhhh)


hahahaha, selfies in ‘Cupid’s Corner’ – old style with an actual camera hence the poor focusing, we couldn’t see for about 5 mins after this, bloody flash!


ummmmmm……..a typical male’s perspective on things……..



frocktober obsessive creative design Tallulah dress collection Ngilgi cave Dunsboroughfrocktober 062


Wow, we have ‘jelly legs’ now (I really need to get out and start running more…..when we get home)

Lets go to the Chocolate Factory, we have absolutely deserved it!!

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Love Kirsty xx


My Name is Tallulah……and Roxanne!!

Well, don’t you think these dresses should be on the set of Bugsy Malone??

I love that movie, especially the character “Tallulah” in which this dress is named after.


Collection Tallulah

A little oriental inspiration in this design.

A lace overlay on a jersey dress with racer back detailing and a zip down the front for a bit of funk.

The obi style fabric belt is what makes this dress, cinches in the waist and creates some interest.

Comes in a long and a short version in your choice of colour combination.

OCD collection Tallulah

OCD Tallulah Long

Tallulah short OCD

obsessive creative design dress



A very ‘ART DECO” flapper style dress.

obsessive creative design

A beautiful lace overlay with a soft jersey stretch lining makes for a very classic, stylish yet comfortable dress which can be dressed up (I would definitely add pearls) for an elegant affair or dressed down (try it over jeans – my signature style) for a more casual event.

The skirt is panelled and has a drop waist (classic ‘art deco’ style)

The top has an elegant cowl neck but with a racer back for a contemporary mix.

Comes in your choice of colour combination

collection Roxanne

OCD Roxanne


Which is your favourite??

obsessive creative design Tallulah

The Head pieces are my other passion, do you love?

Love Kirsty


PS. this lot of photos would have to be my absolute favourite of the whole shoot, do you agree??