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It’s not all about fashion!

It’s not all about fashion!

A little while ago I was asked to do something special for a family who had lost their daughter/sister.

They still had quite a few items of her clothes and chose the most worn, by her, for me to make up into something they could cherish. They had done something special each year on her birthday to keep her memory alive and this year they turned to me and I was thrilled and honoured to be a part of their memory building.

This time it was not my own clothes mountain I was choosing from, and they came to me with a few t-shirts and a special zippered jumper in which she always wore and my imagination took off….

Wanting to use all of what I was given for the project, but wanting it to be something extra special, we chose to make the clothes into a teddy bear. I chose some faux fur that suited the colours of the clothes and after a lot of hesitation of actually cutting into these special clothes, I got started and once I was started, I couldn’t stop and ended up with this…..

Introducing “Courtney Bear”…..

It's not all about the fashion!


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


I chose some pictures on the t-shirts which I felt had great meaning and placed them on the foot pads – a butterfly for freedom and a “love life” logo with a heart, because she was a girl who lived life to its fullest.

The zippered jumper I used for the body attaching a tag with Courtney’s name on it to the zip and leaving the zip so it can still open.

A collar from the other t-shirt, a little skirt and some flower embellishments and headband used up the rest of the clothes but not before I could make a special little heart that sits inside the body behind the zip to symbolize that love never dies!

I fell in love with this little bear and the concept behind it and I know that she is cherished by her owners and will be a constant reminder of the beautiful daughter/sister that had fulfilled her life’s plan early, touched the hearts of the people she needed to and flew off to her next destination to continue her journey.

Thank you for letting me into your life and allowing me to create this special bear for you!

Love Kirsty x


A perfect little ‘Librarian’ out fit

I was asked to create something special for a sweet little 2 year old and the first thing that came to mind was this awesome butterfly ladies skirt I had lying on top of my ‘clothes mountain’. I loved the fabric but didn’t really have a plan for its ‘rebirth’, this was the perfect opportunity to make it SHINE!

I loved the black border of it, so left it on and made a simple little skirt that was just made for twirling in!

little librarian before

before clothes….

I knew I had a striped shirt which would go nicely with the muted colours of the skirt fabric, so I got cutting and teamed it up with black sleeves from another top and some of the butterfly fabric as a ‘bib’ feature and ruffle.

And there you have it!!
A sweet little out fit!!
Now for a model to show off these threads……

little librarian Upcycle

….complete with librarian style glasses and pageant poses (who taught her those hahaha)

A perfect little Librarian out fit


A perfect little 'Librarian' out fit


A perfect little Librarian Upcycle


girls upcycle origional

What do you think?

Love Kirsty x

Here it is!! My Dowerin Field Days Wearable Art Competition entry 2013!

So, last year I entered the Dowerin Field Days Wearable Art Competition with my ‘hessian sack dress’ and placed runner-up!!

Great achievement I thought , for my first attempt.

Let’s see if I can go one better this year with this creation, I call it ……


I wanted to go MASSIVE this year – go big or go home! – and I think I achieved it because I had to get hubby to take a photo of it on me so I could see it properly, our floor length mirror was not big enough to see it all!

I had a plan of making it soft creams and whites when I found a large piece of canvas in one of the farm sheds, and so it begun……

The main dress is made of this heavy canvas with a mosquito netting as an overlay.

I found some soft rope and inset it into the bodice for some interest and then made another overlay out of rip stop (used for making light weight horse rugs) and ruched it up over the front to give a meringue look – essential for the biggest of wedding dresses!!

I then made a bustle to wear on top of the dress with the canvas as the bustle and the rip stop as a ruffled train (I will go into the belt buckle soon)

I finished the look with a massive hoop skirt made from the rip stop and stiff number 8 grade wire and when it was all put together, I was very happy with what I had achieved.

Then came the jewellery….

My very first idea for this dress was the same day I was announced runner-up for the 2012 wearable art competition, and it was to use bullet shells somehow in the design.

So, that is what the belt buckle is made from, the very ends of empty bullet shells that my husband lovingly cut for me!

And while I was in the shed “helping” him (more like getting in the way), I found some metal nuts (used to screw into chip board, I think) so I snatched them up to make the necklace and earrings – I hope he didn’t need them for anything – whoops.

For the engagement ring, it is made from a bullet shell and a diamante – can’t have a wedding without first showing off that bit of bling!!

The head piece is totally different to what I had in mind as it came together after a trip to one of the old farm tips where I found a speaker cover from one of the old abandoned utes.

I spray painted it gold and it just came alive and showed all of the fascinating ‘honeycomb’ effect that was hidden before (small things hahaha)

This then became the base of my fascinator, which I attached an abundance of white feathers to, some mozzie netting and a few scattered bullet shells, I wasn’t sure about it until I saw it altogether with the dress in the fantastic photos my sister took.

Now, if anyone really knows me, they know that I like to collect old rusted bits of crap hahaha, I love the colour of it, so you could imagine how I have styled my house around rusted things and what people must think when they visit.  It really doesn’t help having really old farm tips full of amazing treasures close by (I am trying to think how to display a very old washing machine with the roller attached hahahaha)

Every wedding dress HAS to have a bouquet, so there was no question of what it would be made of – yep , you guessed it, bits of rusted metal – I found an old shearing comb, springs, bolts, blades of some sort, wire and other things I don’t have a name for ( it isn’t as though the tip has things in neat piles of labelled goods) I threw in a few bullet shells and canvas remnants from the dress and ‘voila’, a very interesting, heavy wedding bouquet!

We had a blast doing the photo shoot, my talented sister Adelle, came up from Perth, I geared up (and took out most of the things on the buffet while I was squeezing my way down the hallway), put on my cowboy/workboots and trudged through the sheep in the paddock to the old shearing yard, gathering sheep poo in my train along the way.

I had some interesting ideas for poses that just did not work – walking was hard enough in this dress, what was I thinking trying to climb a tree? – Adelle then directed me and it all fell into place and we produced some amazing shots – she is so clever!

All the while, my Mum and the kids were checking out a little weak looking lamb half asleep under the tree ,after a few hours of watching, we decided he WAS all alone and now he has been added to our little nursery! (I always said to myself, “if they follow me home, they must be desperate, so I will look after them” – this one ended up following the kids home that afternoon)

So, that is the journey of the Dowerin dress!!

AND, here it is….

Shot gun wedding

Art wear competition entry

Dowerin Art wear competition dress

Dowerin Dress entryDowering Artwear competition belt

Art wear competition head wear

Dowerin Art wear competition boquet

It still has a ways to go, it goes to preliminary judging today and if it makes it though that, it goes to the Dowerin Field Days on the 28th and 29th of August.  If you are close by, go check it, it is a good day out, but otherwise, I will keep you posted on the winner, it could be me…….

I’d love to hear what you think!

love Kirsty x

Masquerade Ball refashioned dress

I was asked to do a dress for a Masquerade Ball and I instantly thought of a dress that was short at the front and long at the back or a “mullet dress” if you will haha. I loved the colours of the 3 dresses I was given by my client to recreate the new dress from. One of them had a bit of ruching on it so it was only natural to continue it on. As with most of my designs, I could see exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but would it look the way it did in my head?
I was given 3 bridesmaids dresses – a great way to get use out of the many that some people accumulate over the years – imagine what I could have done for Jane… As always, I was taken aback when my lovely client said “I trust you” to cut her expensive dresses. This is the 3 dresses before…

bridesmaid dresses before Obsessive Creative Design

My inspiration first came from the era of masquerade balls with the over the top wigs, white faces embellished with beauty spots, tight bodices with huge bustled skirts and lots of ruching and puckering of fabric which continued on from one of the dresses.
I was thrilled with the results, I used one of the satin skirts from one of the dresses as a lining to attach the soft cream dress on top so I really liked the flash of shocking pink you got when the client walked in it and the cream beaded embellishment from the cream dress tied the whole look together.

masquerade ball dress Obsessive Creative Design  reporposed bridesmaid dress Obsessive Creative Design
My client was so happy with the dress, and looked so stunning in it!

client in masquerade ball dress

Once I’d finished this dress, my client realised that she had forgotten to buy a mask! So, very sweetly, she asked if there was something I could whip up, this is what I came up with….
I made the base from paper-mache.

Masquerade ball mask

After I did I found out that our local newsagent actually sold bases, but doing it from scratch is always worth it I think.
If you have any dresses you would like to be given a fabulous new life, just let me know!
Love Kirsty x