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CARRIE & LIL” LEAH – Some of the cutest photos you ever did see (from the MY GIRL collection)

My Girl Carrie


What little girl doesn’t like a tulle skirt and a lace top??


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MY GIRL (A super cute collection)


Another collection has been born……

Something special for our little Mini Me’s and let’s face it, what Mother doesn’t love to dress up their daughters, especially if you get the chance to dress her up like yourself??

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Happy Easter!!!!!!


HAPPY EASTER from OCD headquarters!!

And to celebrate, we headed out to the paddock in a ROXY dress to practise our poses for our upcoming photo shoot of the new OCD MY GIRL collection!







This lamby has a shoe fetish…..







Easter bonnet perfection!!



I couldn’t get the other 2 off the couch, but, it is school hoildays!! Chillax Time!!




So, from all of us at OCD


May your ears always be straight and you tail be ever fluffy and I will see you back here after my mini break with the WHOLE of the MY GIRL collection……EXCITED!!!!!

Love Kirsty XXXX

Country Mouse in the Big City, dressed like a bag lady……

I was jumping out of my skin while walking to Forrest Chase on the weekend, knowing that I was soon going to change into my very prickly outfit to be a part of the Farming champions event to bring a small slice and a large bit of awareness of the Country to the Big Smoke…….. Continue reading

Mary (the Grecian Princess) had a little Lamb…….

I was invited to a glamorous evening this week and had a “what am I going to wear?” moment because it is Black Tie and franky, that dress code scares me…….

But then I remembered the little blue number I have been working on, so I pushed myself to finish it off.  The first of a whole series of upcycled ball gowns, I hope you are as excited about it as I am! Continue reading

I had a girl, DONNA was her name…..

It has been a while since my last post, blame the school holidays, I say.

I was also a bit busy being interviewed for the RRR Network News Magazine (you can read the article here)

and the Farm Weekly’s Ripe Magazine (hmmmm front cover and a 2 page article)

I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in me and are so talented, themselves, in their writing skills.

Thanks Beth Johnston and Renee Manning


When we were kids, every Saturday morning was cleaning day which came with the record player going at full capacity to get us motivated (I still do my cleaning like this but the record player is an Ipod)

The “Go To” albums were Hot Chocolate, The Village People, Bob Marley, Tubular bells and the legendary CLIFF RICHARDS – Mum’s second main squeeze after Dad.  These albums are all on my playlists now as they were so wedged in my brain form years of brainwashing that I grew to love them myself.

This design from Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction) has Cliffy belting out one of his songs over and over again –

DONNA (this clip is for you Mum)

And it also happens to be one of my Aunty’s names (4 of my Aunties have been a part of this collection)

So here she is…….




A cool satin, stripe flowy high waisted skirt

So easy to wear and easy to dress up (as seen here with the LEAH top, and OCD headpiece and stand out neck piece from Decadent Jewels) or dress down (paired with a groovy printed tee, ballet flats and a chunky necklace and belt would be cool)

This would be a great transitional piece to get you from Summer and into Winter with style!

You can own one in your size for $90

Get ordering now so I can have an excuse to NOT clean the house, for a bit and listen to Cliffy in the sewing room instead!

Love Kirsty xx

I would really like to thank my team
https://www.facebook.com/SheridanleePhotography – photography
https://www.facebook.com/wherethestyledthingsare – PR and modelling
https://www.facebook.com/twistedscissorsbylisarabson – Hair
https://www.facebook.com/RachaelCampbellProfessionalMakeUpArtist – Make up
Tarryn & Libby – Modelling
Courtney – Video & secondary photography