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A Little Something Just for Me


My youngest with the new additions to the family and the cause of my jean’s demise

I rarely have time to do sewing for myself these days but when I tore my favourite jeans which I wear ALL of the time ($1 at the op shop in Esperance) while rescuing orphaned lambs a few weeks ago, I thought it was about time!!


Note the small tear under the left pocket, could be easily repaired but I had other adventures in store fro my favourite jeans

I bought some really lovely fabric on one of my many ventures to Spotlight, it was on SALE (my favourite word) and I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but bought 4 metres of it anyway.  I have since cut out 2 dresses that I have designed to make up in this fabric and had just enough left to create something “for me” with my poor jeans, and this is what I came up with…..


I thought a big split up one leg would add some interest




Clearly this is where I rescued our lambs from, there are literally hundreds of lambs out there now, mostly twins, isn’t life amazing!!


I kept the back pockets intact.


I teamed up my new skirt with a vintage military vest which I picked up from January Sage Vintage and Retro, a big plaited black belt which I thrifted, a bracelet from Jet Empire Jewellery and the fringed leather necklace from I Love Lola – both pieces of jewellery I won!!

So, what do you think??

Did I make the most of a bad situation??

If you would like me to create something special for you from some of your favourite clothes that you no longer wear, send me a message.

Until next time

Love Kirsty