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What is life all about anyway??

Have you ever wondered why you are here?? I know I have and it has taken me many years to find out, but, I am confident that I know now!!

What is life about anyway?

Look at the way animals live….their whole day is consumed with searching for food, eating it, finding relationships or bonds with other like minded animals, procreating and raising their young and leaving their legacy and genes behind to continue on after they have gone – SIMPLE!!


How simple life can be – eat, drink and be merry!!

Well then why do we complicate our lives so much?

We have obviously evolved to where we are today and able to use more of our brain for a reason, but have we lost sight of the bigger picture?  Maybe a little, but it isn’t hard to find our path again.

I am faced, everyday, with negativity, cruelty and sadness through the media and social media (and a little bit in real life) but is it happening more or is it just that we see more of it with all of these platforms we are addicted to?  It shouldn’t consume your life though, change who you are and make you think there is no hope for humanity, it should make you stronger, more compassionate and make you look for a way to start making a change for the better.  We have to start small and simple otherwise it is too big a task and we end up losing sight again, not to mention the danger of becoming a bitter person.

We need to stand together, not against each other, to make a difference, everybody has an opinion, because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t make it wrong, it makes that person interesting to get another view on the subject.

I am ALL for respect for our beautiful fur/feather/scale creatures we have been blessed to have on this earth, but I believe that it won’t be long before they have more rights than we do, it is our job to look after and protect them, but we need to also respect each other, our fights and arguments over subjects like this are not as powerful as our respect for each other and working together.



Protect our fur creatures by first respecting each other and teaching our children to be kind to animals

We just have to start in our own backyards, see the ‘light’ in people, people are what make up most of this world and we should be enjoying the vast differences in us all and learning from these differences (there is a fabulous woman who explains this here), Keep life simple and declutter the unnecessary, do what makes you happy, love deeply and without condition, be kind to every living being (no matter what they may have done to you) and just be the happiest you can be!


Dress the way that makes YOU happy (although Papa Clown doesn’t look too impressed hahahaha)


Be kind to all walks of life no matter how they look


Love without condition (they didn’t know I was watching)


Be the happiest you can be and remember what is important in life

And what do I think my life purpose is….

To heal people mind, body and spirit, to bring happiness to people and make them see that the world is a beautiful place with beautiful people – we should learn from each person we come across, and to embrace how different we are to make up this colourful world and above all to LOVE LIFE !!

Please feel free to join this group.

Love Kirsty



Things I have discovered…

A lot of tears flowing freely from me, I feel like I have been sucked dry and punched in the face (it’s amazing what a truckload of makeup and a spatula can do hahaha)

My guest blog post from Mystery Case saw a big lot of traffic heading to my Warm Fuzzies group this week, lots more people to help spread the revolution to the world. The story was a hard one to write, and while I condensed it and left a lot of things out, it brought up old memories and hurt, and funny how it all happened at the same time that Hubby was going through some tough emotional trauma and more health issues (coincidence? I think not – our motto has always been, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”, and it always does) but then to be greeted with the abundance of gorgeous words people had to say to me, left me feeling stunned and with the biggest Warm Fuzzy of all!

AND it keeps going, it is being featured ivillage for the Friday iBlog – weekly round-up!

I have discovered that the time I was talking about in my warm fuzzy story is now just a memory and it really has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t be here writing this post on MY OWN BLOG about MY OWN achievements and talents and helping the people around me (especially my wonderful husband) if it didn’t happen.


I have also discovered an abundance of beautiful people out there in the world – some I haven’t yet met, but have really touched my heart, and all willing to push me into this new world before me with love and kindness and complete generosity. I have always had fantastic support from my family and friends, but this goes beyond my comprehension – my cyber family!!

Who would have thought I had so much to say when this blog started not long ago!

I look forward to a great future full of creativity, love, HEALTH – I will get my husband healthy!!, good times, great friends and complete contentedness (is that even a word? – you know what I mean)

family happiness


I hope to entertain and teach you a few things by sharing with you, thankyou for being by my side and lets put on our rainbow glasses and remember that “to have a rainbow, we first must have rain“, it is the rain that makes us strong!

Love Kirsty x