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Frocktober Day 21 – Over dressed for plant shopping??

Dear Diary,

Well, back into the swing of everyday now with a trip to Two Dogs Home Timber and Hardware for some Vege seedlings to bulk up the garden…..














SOOOO many to choose from!!









This is my local hardware team where I am always greeted with a smile (well maybe a bit of a giggle too today, but they know who  I am and what I am about)  I especially love it when they hold “LADIES NIGHTS”, a lot of fun and very informative nights with a lot of champagne flowing!!

Be on the look out for the next one!

I dusted off AUDREY from my collection (you can view the collection HERE) for this trip to town and a fab fascinator I made from a men’s tie and loads of feathers!


They are very supportive of charities you can donate HERE

Love Kirsty xx


I’m doing FROCKtober!

As you may know I am a bit of an old fashioned kinda girl and it shows in my designs….oh to be back in the day when you were considered undressed if you went out without a hat or gloves.  It seems anything goes these days in fashion and etiquette and more often than not, women are sporting pants over a dress.

Well, I am here to change that (well in my own world anyway) and for a very good cause, I am challenging myself to wear a dress everyday for the whole month of October…..BRING ON FROCKTOBER!!

frocktober Kirsty McKenzie

In Australia, 1 woman dies every 10 hours from Ovarian Cancer.  At present ovarian cancer is commonly diagnosed at advanced stage with only 20-30% of women surviving beyond five years, compared to more that 90% when the disease is detected and treated early.

A pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) is Australia’s pre-eminent body supporting ovarian cancer research and dedicated into proper research for early detection into this not very well understood disease and support for those suffering with the disease.

So, this is where you come in…..Head over to my support page and give a donation and I will reward you with photos of my daughters and I “rocking the frock” for the 31 days of October. (I’m now on Instagram too, you can follow me here.)

I have decided to set another challenge on top of that for myself and make every dress, my daughters and I wear!!

I am currently working on some upcycled ball dresses, so imagine me grocery shopping in one of those numbers , I am heading off on a weeks holiday in the middle of this too, so THAT is going to be interesting (hubby won’t want to be seen with me – I had better make sure I take my craziest frocks for that haha) and don’t forget, my Dowerin Field Day dresses will definitely be making an appearance (now where can I wear my wedding dress, and the barbed wire bustle??  haha) and the dresses from my collection and the little girls version of my collection as well as many upcycled pieces you have not seen yet …..EXCITED YET!!

Frocktober Obsessive Creative Design

Show me your support here

Frocktober Obsessive Creative Design

I am also working on a local FASHION FROCKTAIL NIGHT to conclude this event, would you be interested??

More details on that later, in the mean time, get donating and I will start dusting off my glamour heels to go with my Frocks!!

You will see me soon!!

Love Kirsty


Fabulous Capes!!

Well, Saturday night had me out and about in Perth for the opening of my Aunty’s new salon Medousa, Hair Beauty Body, and I even got to showcase some of my collection while there thanks to the help of some amazing models Ashlee, Tarryn and Adelle.  But I am to realize that whilst the days are becoming lovely, the nights are still a bit nippy and thought it perfect timing to show off my beautiful capes (for which I do not have names for yet, but I am teaming up with Ms Mystery Case for a naming competition very soon so keep an eye out for that!!)

There is nothing like a cape for giving a bit of extra warmth and a lot of style!!

Cape 1

A funky, heavy cape for those chilly nights, Oriental inspired fully lined with an oriental collar, zip up front and tie around the waist to still show off your figure by creating a waist.

Made in a heavy upholstery fabric in your choice of colour.  I love this cape with a pair of jeans!!

(the necklace in these shots is by Decadent Jewels, be sure to check them out, you will not be disappointed)


Green cape Obsessive Creative Design

Cape handmade Obsessive creative Design

OCD cape handmade

Cape 2

Well this is a vintage cape if I ever saw one!

classic vintage lines with a contrast piping and large self cover buttons.  Made from heavy upholstery fabric, it is sure to cut the wind on those chilly nights.  Great with jeans and a glamorous way to cover up on those evenings out.

Comes in your choice of colour.


handmade Cape Purple

Obsessive creative designs handmade cape

purple cape OCD

The headpieces in these shots are made by me also, I love creating these funky little hats so if you would like one for yourself, drop me a message!!

handmade hat

I am ready to take your orders!

So which is your favourite??

Love Kirsty

Models – Tarryn Woods, Adelle Cousins and Libby Rabson

Photography – Sheridan Lee Photography

Hair –Twisted Scissors by Lisa Rabson

Make up – Rachael Campbell

Oh Whitney!!

This skirt and pants would have to be my favourite pieces in the collection, they are so versatile and when I wear them, I am constantly asked where I got them!! If that isn’t a great confidence booster then I don’t know what is.

The pants started by me wanting a wide leg pant in the collection wanting to recreate the class of the 1930’s by creating a beautiful pair of pants and after playing around with some features (and my love of pleats), a deep pleat down each leg it was!

I made them in both a stiff fabric and a soft flowy fabric and have to say, I love both versions, have worn both and got similar comments for both, so I love both of them the same, although I would probably say that soft fabric is more casual and the stiffer fabric more “dressy”.

Comes in your colour and fabric choice.


handmade pants "whitney" womens fashion

Handmade womens pants

Obsessive creative design whitney pants handmade

handmade pants womens

handmade pants womens

whitney pants blue handmade

When I showed my sister these pants she fell in love and even featured them in one of her write ups for a magazine before the collection was released.  And, being a fashion blogger, she told me they are ‘bang on trend’ and showed me some similar ones by top designers – should she ever doubt me hahaha –  she does that quite often because she knows I just design what is in my head and what I like regardless of whether it is the ‘in thing’, I love to flatter a woman’s curves and create something to make a woman feel special.

The skirt continued on from the pants which is why I also called it Whitney.

Shown here in a crisp cream fabric and a teal fabric with a navy tie belt. It has the same deep pleating down each leg and would also look lovely in a soft fabric, It is high waisted and looks great with a tucked in shirt/top and spectacular with a bustier for the ultimate glamorous outfit.

Comes in your colour and fabric choice.


handmade womens fashion whitney skirt

Obsessive creative design handmade fashion

Obsessive creative design handmade fashion skirts

Obsessive creative design handmade fashion womens skirt

Whitney white skirt

Thankyou to my team, I still get chills looking at these photos!!

Models – Tarryn Woods, Adelle Cousins & Libby Rabson

Photography – Sheridan Lee Photography

Hair –Twisted Scissors by Lisa Rabson

Make up – Rachael Campbell

Let me know what you think!

Love Kirsty


This is the design that started all of this craziness and obsession (I am talking about the collection idea – I have always been crazy and obsessed hahaha)

I wanted to create a rather ‘child like, little princess’ design that was very girly and playful and something adaptable so that it can be made with all sorts of fabric and come up with something different every time (a great way to use up my vintage lace curtain fabric which I have fun dying all sorts of colours)

The end result was a “Carrie Bradshaw” inspired skirt, so there was only one name fitting in my eyes!!

So the sky is your limit when it comes to this skirt, shown here in a few different ways

TulleTulle Carrie Skirt

Tulle with lace Carrie Skirt Tulle with lace

Patterned Tulle Carrie Skirt Patterned Tulle Obsessive Creative Design

Carrie Skirt Patterned tulle

Tulle with printed liningCarrie Skirt Tulle with printed Lining

tulle with printed lining Carrie Skirt

CARRIE comes in all sizes, colours and combinations.

When you order a CARRIE, you work with me to create your very own and if you don’t have the creative foresight, don’t worry, just give me a colour and a general idea and I will create something for you.

Price $95

Now, check out these beautiful photos of the CARRIE……..

Carrie Skirt OCD

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Obsessive Creative Design Carrie Skirt

Obsessive Creative Design The secrets of the forest

Obsessive Creative Design Carrie Skirt collection

I would love to give a shout out to the jewellery designers featured in these shots

I Love Lola – Gold leather fringed necklace “Fringed Benefits” http://www.ilovelola.com.au/

Sistaco – turquoise Necklace – “Tiffany”  http://www.sistaco.com/

My full collection can be viewed here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,

Kirsty x

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Are you Ready???? Are you ready for this?

Well ready or not, here it is….

My little wood nymphs, styling up the wintery forest, clad in lace, tulle and stripes!!
What an absolutely dreamy day we had playing around amongst waterfalls, fog and a sprinkling of rain, and this is the results of our hard work……

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

Obsessive Creative Design The secrets of the forest

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction!)

As you may have guessed, I am a vintage girl through and through and there are many eras of vintage in this collection, also with a hint of oriental – another passion of mine.
The inspiration came from retro ’80’s glam, right back to art deco chic.
And how impressive is the doll inspired hair and make up, fantastic modelling and Awesome photography from the most wonderful team of experts and friends I have ever worked with, everything all works together so beautifully that when we were shooting this, I was in tears, felt immense pride of all involved and so privileged to be a part of it.

So……. if you like what you see, and would love one of these pieces for yourself, then here is how ordering will go…..
These are my base designs, my concept is ‘every girl deserves a bit of individuality without having to pay a hefty price’, so when you choose your design, you will then work with me to choose colour, fabric and individual touches to end up with your very own original design, or if you like, you can ‘let me loose’ on you design and use my creative ‘juices’ to create something for you. All I will need is you size and measurements and we are good to go!
Because I am a ‘country chick’ , I will need time to gather your fabrics from the city, and as some pieces have an upcycled factor, I will need to hunt for the perfect pieces for your design too, therefore a few weeks will need to be allowed for this as well as making it up, I will be in contact with you constantly to let you know how things are coming along.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you a detailed look at each design including the price, so stay glued to my blog if you want more information for a particular piece you have fallen in love with.

There you have it….many, many months of hard work, all right here in front of you!
Do you like what you see??

I would really like to thank my team
https://www.facebook.com/SheridanleePhotography – photography
https://www.facebook.com/wherethestyledthingsare – PR and modelling
https://www.facebook.com/twistedscissorsbylisarabson – Hair
https://www.facebook.com/RachaelCampbellProfessionalMakeUpArtist – Make up
Tarryn & Libby – Modelling
Courtney – Video & secondary photography

I would also like to thank some wonderful jewellery designers for the use of their beautiful pieces, more details of them in following posts, you will want to visit them….AMAZING!!

Until very soon…..
Love Kirsty XX

Bring in Spring!

Well, it has been a fabulous weekend for weather!! (I only hope that it repeats itself for next weekend….PHOTOSHOOT!!)
So these are some outfits I put together some time ago (before I remembered to take photos before I cut into clothes) and since Spring is just around the corner, I thought it good timing…

A basic girls t-shirt makes up this outfit which I heavily embellished with recycled fabric roses and ribbon (I really enjoyed doing the embellishing, – I think sitting and hand stitching is equivalent to the meditative state that knitters and crocheters get in to – something I have not mastered and admire those who do create beautiful pieces)

Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design upcycle Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design handmade Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls upcycle  Bring in Spring Girls upcycle handmade

The skirts are made from curtains and curtain lace – simple

And the girls did a great job of modelling again …..awww look how little Miss D is……
I really have to get Master J out for a few photos, just because (we are getting plenty of the girls)…..as much as he aims to please us, I think asking him to model girls clothing is crossing the line.

pssssttt…..Be sure to keep an eye out for a mini ‘Girls Collection’ to go with the ‘Addicted to Lace’ collection coming soon

Love Kirsty