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CARRIE & LIL” LEAH – Some of the cutest photos you ever did see (from the MY GIRL collection)

My Girl Carrie


What little girl doesn’t like a tulle skirt and a lace top??


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Bring in Spring!

Well, it has been a fabulous weekend for weather!! (I only hope that it repeats itself for next weekend….PHOTOSHOOT!!)
So these are some outfits I put together some time ago (before I remembered to take photos before I cut into clothes) and since Spring is just around the corner, I thought it good timing…

A basic girls t-shirt makes up this outfit which I heavily embellished with recycled fabric roses and ribbon (I really enjoyed doing the embellishing, – I think sitting and hand stitching is equivalent to the meditative state that knitters and crocheters get in to – something I have not mastered and admire those who do create beautiful pieces)

Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design upcycle Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design handmade Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls Bring in Spring Obsessive Creative Design girls upcycle  Bring in Spring Girls upcycle handmade

The skirts are made from curtains and curtain lace – simple

And the girls did a great job of modelling again …..awww look how little Miss D is……
I really have to get Master J out for a few photos, just because (we are getting plenty of the girls)…..as much as he aims to please us, I think asking him to model girls clothing is crossing the line.

pssssttt…..Be sure to keep an eye out for a mini ‘Girls Collection’ to go with the ‘Addicted to Lace’ collection coming soon

Love Kirsty

It’s not all about fashion!

It’s not all about fashion!

A little while ago I was asked to do something special for a family who had lost their daughter/sister.

They still had quite a few items of her clothes and chose the most worn, by her, for me to make up into something they could cherish. They had done something special each year on her birthday to keep her memory alive and this year they turned to me and I was thrilled and honoured to be a part of their memory building.

This time it was not my own clothes mountain I was choosing from, and they came to me with a few t-shirts and a special zippered jumper in which she always wore and my imagination took off….

Wanting to use all of what I was given for the project, but wanting it to be something extra special, we chose to make the clothes into a teddy bear. I chose some faux fur that suited the colours of the clothes and after a lot of hesitation of actually cutting into these special clothes, I got started and once I was started, I couldn’t stop and ended up with this…..

Introducing “Courtney Bear”…..

It's not all about the fashion!


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


It's not all about the fashion! A very special bear


I chose some pictures on the t-shirts which I felt had great meaning and placed them on the foot pads – a butterfly for freedom and a “love life” logo with a heart, because she was a girl who lived life to its fullest.

The zippered jumper I used for the body attaching a tag with Courtney’s name on it to the zip and leaving the zip so it can still open.

A collar from the other t-shirt, a little skirt and some flower embellishments and headband used up the rest of the clothes but not before I could make a special little heart that sits inside the body behind the zip to symbolize that love never dies!

I fell in love with this little bear and the concept behind it and I know that she is cherished by her owners and will be a constant reminder of the beautiful daughter/sister that had fulfilled her life’s plan early, touched the hearts of the people she needed to and flew off to her next destination to continue her journey.

Thank you for letting me into your life and allowing me to create this special bear for you!

Love Kirsty x

Where it all began, the shirt dress.

I thought I would take you back to where it all began, the shirt dress. I did this dress right back in the beginning of my experimenting with clothes. It was for my sister Adelle. It was my first attempt at draping on the dress form so I was really happy with the outcome, and especially the lining I made for it and the neat hand stitching on the inside (Mummy will be proud of me!!)

It is made from a mans business shirt  and has a bit of prettiness in the lace details and a bit of personality with a skull stud (my sister’s signature symbol). I haven’t had the chance to do any more experimenting with shirts again yet which will definitely have to change as Summer approaches as I have so many ideas for them.

A whole collection done from men’s business wear is calling me I think!

The pictures really speak for themselves in this one so I will leave by thanking my gorgeous sister Adelle Cousins for the

photography and her bestie Sheradin Dinsdale for the modelling.

From this..

mens shirt upcycle

To this!

Where it all began the shirt dress

the shirt dress

Obsessive Creative Design shirt dress

mens business shirt upcycle


Let me know what you think!

Love Kirsty x