A quick UPCYCLE to get me in the mood…….

Well, it has been so long since I gave my blog any attention that I forgot how to log in!!!! LOL

I have been so busy working on my confidence and direction in life and just needed to simplify, I feel so much better for it and my head isn’t crammed to bursting point anymore.  I just read my last post again and LOVE how you can help yourself out of rutts by writing and then looking back and seeing where you were compared to where you are now.

I have lost my SEWJO at the moment as I burnt myself out, hopefully it will raise it’s ugly head again soon but until then, I have been having loads of fun running my Beauty Therapy business and rekindling the love I have of it.  Life has become a heck of a lot easier since making the decision to go back to my roots and I take that as a sign of being on the right path!!  I have big plans including finally getting a funky old caravan up to speed (watch this space for more)

beauty bus caravan

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With all of the things I am trying to achieve lately, I not only have no where to sew, but haven’t found the time, so I have gone back to my original plan (made years ago and used often by my Mum, also, when we were young) and chosen a day, thrown all the housework “out the window” (ok, so I do the dishes and make the bed, but that is ALL) and declared TUESDAY as SEWDAY!!

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I opened up Facebook today and was greeted by feathers and lace and spectacular hats………


I feel VERY underdressed as I sit here in my PJ’s still, looking at all the glamour that is happening out there now.  One lot of photos grabbed my attention though, a group of hardworking Mum’s, who have been let loose on Melbourne, to remember what amazing women they are, other than being a Mum.

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