Battling the Sunday Blues

IT’S LATE, everyone is in bed and I just scared the bejangles out of my husband getting up to “dear diary” myself in an attempt the quieten my chaotic mind.

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Hometown Pride

Driving into Merredin today and my heart not only swelled, it near on exploded with pride!

I was greeted with a sea of red, the red of 6500 handmade red poppies!!!  2000 hours of work, made from all sorts of materials by 400 odd people and planted by over 100 people!!

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With all of the things I am trying to achieve lately, I not only have no where to sew, but haven’t found the time, so I have gone back to my original plan (made years ago and used often by my Mum, also, when we were young) and chosen a day, thrown all the housework “out the window” (ok, so I do the dishes and make the bed, but that is ALL) and declared TUESDAY as SEWDAY!!

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I opened up Facebook today and was greeted by feathers and lace and spectacular hats………


I feel VERY underdressed as I sit here in my PJ’s still, looking at all the glamour that is happening out there now.  One lot of photos grabbed my attention though, a group of hardworking Mum’s, who have been let loose on Melbourne, to remember what amazing women they are, other than being a Mum.

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