Pillow fights with Miss D

Thanks to my little crafting monkey, Denny, I seem to have found some creative juices!

She came to me last weekend asking for a pillowcase that I didn’t want so she could cut it up to make a dress and I actually got a little buzz and whipped out my sewing machines and helped her with her creations AND thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here is what we came up with…….


After rummaging through my seeing supplies that are spread from one shed to the next, we found most bits and pieces to get us through and we started cutting into our pillowcase (Aunty Del told us it is the same pillowcases she has on her bed)

It is such an easy design, we decided to make one for Jasmine the doll too and this weekend we will be making some for our two cousins and their dolls for Christmas!  She has also been talking of other designs to try (ie. A T Shirt dress from a pillowcase)

Here’s what we came up with…..



Time for a quick cuppa




Looks like we have a little designer on our hands, now just to teach her patience whilst she is learning new skills!

Roll on the weekend for more designing fun!

what are you doing with your kids this holidays??

love Kirsty and Denneker



2 thoughts on “Pillow fights with Miss D

  1. Gail pick

    Mmmmmm. So proud of you denneker. Man nannas talent going down the generations. She will love that you like to creat xx


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