Sugar and Spice and all things NICE!!

I ran out of hairspray the other day…..again…… so put up with my fine hair being flat and droopy.  I usually fumigate my tiny dressing room (office that I have taken over in our cute, tiny house) with hairspray after I have finished messing around with my hair, to get it to stay put and use it on the roots for more lift, although, it was just the other day that I realised how crappy that would be for my lungs………

I have been making my own “stuff” for years now and couldn’t understand why I was still using this chemical laden product. Isn’t it funny how we become accustomed to using products without really thinking what they are doing to us? It was always in the back of my mind, the health risks of common hygiene and beauty products, but not my initial reason for making my own products, but the more research I do, the more glad I am for choosing the natural approach and feel great about helping others do that too with my workshops.

Click here for info on hairspray chemicals

It just so happened that my task for the day was to sugar stiffen some lace for a bridal veil I was so lucky to have been asked to do and while I was bringing the sugar solution up to boil, my brain caught on to a thought (it happens from time to time) and I grabbed an empty spray bottle and started researching recipes and experimenting.

I came up with this…….



175ml distilled water

1 tbsp sugar (for hold)

1/2 tbsp Vodka or other high proof alcohol (helps to mix the essential oils with the water and gives a very long shelf life

10 drops Essential oils of your choice (I used Elevation, a “happy” blend from Doterra, so I get my happy fix every time I do my hair)

  1. Bring the water to boil then add the sugar and dissolve
  2. Allow to cool to room temperature and add alcohol and essential oils
  3. Pour into spray bottles

This formula won’t spoil because of the sugar and alcohol so feel free to use it until it is all gone.

I generally use it on the roots of my damp hair before blowdrying (hello volume) and then a light spritz as a fixer.  You won’t want to use as much as regular hairspray as it does slightly dampen the hair again (think of spraying perfume in the air and walking through it)


Simple, cheap and effective!! It ticks all the boxes in my books with the bonus (which is the biggest bonus) no more chemical cloud in the mornings!!

Also, check out my new first aid box!! More on the products in this little box coming soon, what they do and how to purchase my handmade concoctions

Love Kirsty xxx



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