Why I have a little jar of CHOCOLATE powder sitting on my dressing table…..

I have always been a “wash my hair everyday” kinda girl, and what a pain in the proverbial that is, especially when you have long hair…….so much time wasted every day amongst the other morning routines of getting kids fed and out the door on time.

I did end up weening myself off of that “addiction” eventually, and with the help of some good old DRY SHAMPOO, I could manage 2, 3 maybe even 4 days between washes!! (thank goodness for the “messy look” trend these days)

So, onto the chocolate powder!!……

I was always running out of dry shampoo and whilst it was amazing, it is a long way to the shops for me so I was sure I could whip something up that would do the same thing.

Dry Shampoo is designed to soak up the oil secreted by the scalp leaving you with clean looking hair , so…… looking for a powder that would do that, I came across ARROWROOT, perfect for absorbing oil and BONUS!! I had it in my cupboard (I use it for Hubby’s gluten free flour mix)

I have just recently coloured my hair dark (very different to my usual blonde, but I needed a holiday and couldn’t have one, so I coloured my hair instead) So, while the arrowroot alone would have sufficed on my blonde hair, it was a little too noticeable in my new dark hair, so……… why not cocoa powder????


This works great, as is, BUT I am obsessed with essential oils and I know of many that do wonders for hair growth, hair thickening, lightening and cleaning so I consulted my huge stash of EO’s (my fave thing to do) and decided on


Helps restore moisture to your hair and is fantastic for dry scalps, aiding in the elimination of dandruff and helps with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


Cinnamon is said to help with hair loss, it stimulates the scalp and creates better blood flow to the area which then nourishes the hair follicle to grow hair.


I am IN LOVE with Vetiver at the moment, I use it to get Hubby to have a restful sleep, but, it is also great for cleaning your hair, conditioning and accelerating hair growth, WINNER!!

You could try other oils too, like LEMON – lightens your hair or ROSEMARY – helps restore hair and promote growth.



1 tbsp Arrowroot (can be found in the supermarket)

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (omit if you have light coloured hair)

5-6 drops of essential oil (2 sandawood, 2 vetiver, 2 cassia)

Mix all together in a bowl and transfer to a jar.  To use, dip a kabuki/makeup powder brush in the powder and apply to the roots, style as usual.


The bonus of this is it also gives a bit of body to your hair which means, my hairstyles get better as the week goes on!! AND my hair smells of chocolate!! (sorry to you light coloured hair people, you wont get this without the cocoa, BUT the essential oils smell amazing too!!)


Hope you enjoy this little recipe and give it a try.

Love Kirsty xxx


One thought on “Why I have a little jar of CHOCOLATE powder sitting on my dressing table…..

  1. Kandy @messyhumbugs

    What a great idea! I have also been guilty of washing my hair everyday. Unfortunately when bub was born this was no longer possible. I was like you, I found dry shampoo and what a lifesaver that is! Haha! But this is even better, thanks so much for sharing x


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