A quick UPCYCLE to get me in the mood…….

Well, it has been so long since I gave my blog any attention that I forgot how to log in!!!! LOL

I have been so busy working on my confidence and direction in life and just needed to simplify, I feel so much better for it and my head isn’t crammed to bursting point anymore.  I just read my last post again and LOVE how you can help yourself out of rutts by writing and then looking back and seeing where you were compared to where you are now.

I have lost my SEWJO at the moment as I burnt myself out, hopefully it will raise it’s ugly head again soon but until then, I have been having loads of fun running my Beauty Therapy business and rekindling the love I have of it.  Life has become a heck of a lot easier since making the decision to go back to my roots and I take that as a sign of being on the right path!!  I have big plans including finally getting a funky old caravan up to speed (watch this space for more)

beauty bus caravan

I had my sewing machines fixed (and had to say goodbye to my workhorse, the one who has been with me since the beginning and had to be laid to rest) and I had some alterations to do so I took the opportunity to fix a cool, old dress from the 80’s, that was given to me and had been half eaten away by mice…..

mouse dress

I really liked this dress but could hardly wear it with the hem trailing behind me, I had washed it and it came up “trumps” but nothing was going to fix the missing hem so………..

mouse dress 2

An easy, peasy upcycle, and after I hemmed it, it looked like this…….

mouse dress3

I love this little top I created, I left the back a bit longer to create a peplum and worn with my $20 skinny jeans, a funky necklace (a cast off from my sister) and my $1 Airforce jacket (with an original label on it telling me it was made in 1945!! that I picked up in a little opshop) I have a killer outfit for these glorious sunny Winter days we seem to be having!!

What do you think of my “Squeek” top???

Love Kirsty



2 thoughts on “A quick UPCYCLE to get me in the mood…….

  1. Gail Pick

    Wise word my darling and I just forward to Adelle. It may help her, as she needs a healthy balance too 💓💕💞mumxxx

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