Lemon Delight

I am feeling generous and have just booked to run a workshop to give away my skincare making secrets, so thought I would follow suit and let you into my chaotic creative mind.

I am about to take you on a journey through my thought process when I spot a certian something at a thrift store that I just HAVE to take home

So, on a recent childfree trip (oh, the serenity) to a nearby town, to get my “thrift on”, my eye was drawn to some “lemony” goodness on the rack and at a second glance, I saw PLEATS!!  If I see pleats, I buy, no excuses, that is my motto, I love pleats so much.

It was a little big and I thought twice while I remembered all of the alterations and revamps I had piled up, for myself, that I would “get around to” one day, BUT, it was pleats, it was lemon and I was in love……

Lemon delight OCD

And the price was right, not the cheapest I have purchased, but not bad for a great dress that I will probably wear all the time.

Lemon delight obsessive creative design

A simple running stitch down the side seams would not suffice for this dress, the skirt needed running in too and I didnt want to jeopardise the pleats, so the skirt had to be taken off and the zip taken out.  While the top was off, I decided to add a bit of shape to it and remove the sleeves, so I basically deconstructed the whole dress!!

OCD Lemon delight

I used a pattern I liked to get the neck shape I wanted.

Put in some darts for shape.

Put in some darts for shape.

Sewed the skirt back on and put the original zip back in, I was happy with the result!

So we headed to the shearing shed for a HAPPY DANCE!

Lemon Delight Obsessive creative design Lemon Delight OCD Lemon Delight OCD

lemon Delight Obsessive creative design IMG_4380

I even made a little hair clip from the scraps….

OCD Lemon delight    Lemon delight OCD

Front changes - boat neck and no sleeves

Front changes – boat neck and no sleeves

Back changes - deep "V"

Back changes – deep “V”

So, the next time you come across something in your wardrobe that you are thinking of throwing out, stop and think “could it be something else and come alive again?”

This dress cost me $10.25, I did the work ,myself, but I charge $25 an hour for a revamp like this and this took me 3 and a bit hours………a unique, one of a kind, custom dress for under $100!! I smell a BARGAIN!!

Well, onto the next item in my pile!

Love Kirsty xxx

PS. Thanks to Master J for “having this dance”, Miss G for taking photos and Miss D for being cute!! Loves you!!


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