With all of the things I am trying to achieve lately, I not only have no where to sew, but haven’t found the time, so I have gone back to my original plan (made years ago and used often by my Mum, also, when we were young) and chosen a day, thrown all the housework “out the window” (ok, so I do the dishes and make the bed, but that is ALL) and declared TUESDAY as SEWDAY!!

It works because….

1. ALL the kids are at school on Tuesday (including the BIG kid…..well, he is at work)

2. I get a sense of achievement when I finish something (or several things) as I haven’t wasted the morning cleaning up the house

3. I can plan during the week, gather supplies (or FIND them………) and look forward to checking things off of my SEW list

I have been focussing on getting some things made for the kids, house, myself at the moment (I have been promising poor Miss G a skater skirt for 6 months)

So, once I found what I needed from THIS……..

OCD Sewing room

…..and walked away from it without feeling the urge to jump off a cliff (still sew much unpacking to do)

I got stuck into making THIS…….

IMG_4193 IMG_4198 IMG_4201 IMG_4203_2 IMG_4204 IMG_4210_2 IMG_4218

I sweet and very easy half circle skirt and a simple “pillowcase design” top finished off with a “shoulder bling” (I made to add to plain t shirts but also double as hair accessories) and a glittery pair of hand picked shoes from “Mum’s” wardrobe, makes for a bit of a vintage entertainer vibe, which I am POSTIVE that this little girl once was in a past life!!

Happy Sewday!!!!

Love Kirsty xxx


3 thoughts on “Tuesday-Sewday……

  1. Mystery Case

    Looks gorgeous and isn’t little miss growing up so quickly. Only online briefly and touching base with my favourites and was pleased to see a new post and creation.


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