New start and how I wear a great pair of Grandpa Pants

So, The last few months have been Horrendous!!  Moving house and all the hell that goes with that, on top of a “burnt out” mind and body and a whole lot more awfulness that happened (I won’t even get into that)……..

My “go to” look has been……..

Kirsty OCD

midst of move

BUT, before I turn my blog into a “Dear Diary”, I switched my outlook (I seem to be getting better at that) and once we were in the house, I revelled in the awesomeness that is our new start!!

Hubby is really enjoying his new job and I am enjoying doing the finishing touches of this fabulous old house and the kids are just happy in general.  There is ALOT to do and not all of us are in our own rooms yet, but the brand new kitchen and bathroom are getting full use….

kids kitchen

….and how about our views at every dinner time

sunset OCD

My sewing room is non existant at the moment and I can’t find many of my clothes (although I have been working on a fantastic dressing room)dressing room

so, for a break from painting and purely to meet some locals, we checked out the local thrifties to “keep my itch at bay” for a while, and found these fantastic Grandpa Pants and thought I would share……..

grandpa pants OCD style style in grandpa pants grandpa pants stylin OCD Grandpa pants

I am looking forward to a great year starting with a little TLC on myself (Getting into the local Yoga group on Wednesday….YAY!!)  and loads of time with my husband (12 months of dates, baby) and quality kiddie time too. I do have a lot in store for my creative mind, but, as I always have to tell myself, BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE………




5 thoughts on “New start and how I wear a great pair of Grandpa Pants

  1. Mystery Case

    So pleased you are on the other side of that move. Hopefully this year will be a much better year for all of us. Love the pants. I still have a stash of goodies waiting for you here, to go through when you are ready.


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