I opened up Facebook today and was greeted by feathers and lace and spectacular hats………


I feel VERY underdressed as I sit here in my PJ’s still, looking at all the glamour that is happening out there now.  One lot of photos grabbed my attention though, a group of hardworking Mum’s, who have been let loose on Melbourne, to remember what amazing women they are, other than being a Mum.


I went to school with 2 of these women, one of them is my bestest cousin, and I have watched them grow into successful, amazing, strong women and fantastic Mothers.

My cousin asked me a while back to make her a fabulous outfit for the cup and when I released the RAYCHAEL, we agreed on something similar but in “tea length” and poofy 50’s glamour!!

I got a flood of photos on Facebook of her in it, today, and she looks amazing!! And I must say, I am a little pleased with my work too……..

megan @ melbourne cup

She doesn’t know how gorgeous she is, this girl, inside and out, a fabulous and very hardworking Mum and Wife and does all of that while being fabulous at her day job too, as well as completing study!! An absolute inspiration!

The dress is a tea length, chevron stunner complete with a poofy 50’s style petticoat and peacock feather fascinator, finished off with amazing teal shoes………I am sure she will turn heads!!

The two of them together are a “match made in heaven”…..spots and stripes, I am sure we will spot them on the telly while backing our winner!!

The only request from one’s Mum is that they are “not seen on TV, passed out on the lawn with no shoes on” LOL!!

Have a fantastic day Girls!!

1978359_10152861307859680_1497907137547505263_o 10662223_10152861308944680_704267437971666337_o

So, what are YOU wearing for the Spring racing season????

Love Kirsty



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