Another Year, Another dress made of JUNK

Well, another Dowerin Field Days done and dusted.


It was their 50th year and they had a whopping 20% increase at the gates, they are thrilled to say the least.

This year’s Ag Art Wear competition had me shaking in my boots when I saw the quality of designs come down the runway, the creativeness and bravery of these designers (aka average people with a vision), blew me away and I was nervous about how I placed….but I also kept telling myself that it is the fun of the journey, not always the outcome that is the best, and I was just thrilled to be apart of it again, and with the entries doubling from last year, I only hope that I have helped encourage others to participate (especially by donning my hessian dress in the middle of the city) you can read about that HERE)

Ok, so the results……….

I am not sure whether I have photos of ALL of the entries, but I did my best, my photos turned out awful (my trusty photographer wasn’t there to help) so I have borrowed these photos from the girls in Dowerin.

Avante garde

First place Natalie Tonkin from Moora  “The Paddock Tree”

This was made from 2 44 gallon drums



Second, My “Junk Fairy”



Third Annette Hooper from Merredin “Support your farmers they’re feeding the world”


Other designs

10649690_10152210193396856_5604002279833708908_n10547540_10152210192816856_8983930482313474789_nThere were more, but I dont have photos of them



First My “Crapper Flapper”

(nobody could say the name of this design without stifling a giggle)


Second Patsy Metcalf of Dowerin “The Lord and his Lady from Dowerin Abbey”


Tanya Nicholls “Working Girls overalls”




Other designs




Only one entry

First Natalie Tonkin from Moora “Paperbark Girl”



What amazing designs!!!!

I was a bit flat afterwards because I didn’t have any ideas for next year, but 20 minutes into the drive home and it was sorted hahaha

A few more highlights of the Field days


Ryan Flanagan from Merredin



Great couple of days out, so what is stopping you next year??

Come and join me and maybe even enter the Act Belong Commit Ag Art Wear competition!! (you may hear alot from me about entering next year, would love to double the entries)

Oh OK, I will share my 15 minutes of fame too

My TROPHY!!! And my design in the COUNTRYMAN newspaper

IMG_2945 IMG_2944


Love Kirsty xxx


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