Genie in a Bottle……


Oh, the sunny Winter days have warmed my soul this week, getting over a cold by spending loads of time in the sun, soaking up my share of Vitamin D and it got me thinking about Spring, so I am celebrating with 2 of my favourite designs in the MY GIRL collection……

So pick a comfy, warm spot, burn those relaxing oils and get ready for…….


My Girl OCD coutney pants

My Girl Courtney pantsMy Girl OCD


My Girl obsessive creative design


My Girl Gracynne top


My Girl Gracynne and Courtney

My Girl Obsessive Creative Design

My Girl Gracynne ruffle top



Gracynne Top

This top brings back so many memories of a similar ruffled beauty that My Mum made me when I was about 5 years old, I loved it!!  I was too young to be concerned and embarrased about my birthmark I had on my stomach and I got some great wear out of it before my self consciousness took over.

I made this top a little longer (with my own self consciousness intact), with three ruffles, a halter tie strap and waist tie strap, leaving the back open for a super Summer look.  It could also be worn over a little tank (for the self conscious)!! OR even as a swimming top!!  (I will have to develop some cute bottoms to go with it – I will definitely put THAT idea on my list)


Size 2 – 7  $40

Size 8 – 12  $55

I will be making an adult version of this design too (my Sister wants one), so stay tuned for that!!


Courtney Pants

Oh, I am in LURRVE with these pants!!  Also a “memory” design, I remember wearing a Harem pant outfit that matched my Mum’s (both made by Mum) for a Wedding when I was young, I thought I was the “Bee’s Knees”

Basically two pairs in one, a lycra legging underneath and then the gorgeous lace, sheer Harem style pants over the top, with a tie belt.

This design took a lot of trial and error as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create, but I am super thrilled with the end result.  I might have to make myself a pair!!


Size 2 – 7  $65

Size 8 – 12  $85


I could really see this little outfit on a cute Flower Girl!!  Who said a Flower Girl has to wear a dress??

Enjoy the Sun

Love Kirsty xxxx

Photos by Adelle Cousins Where the Styled Things Are

Headpieces by Obsessive Creative Design

Models – My beautiful Daughters




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