The Crapper Flapper (Dowerin Field days wearable art entry 2014)

Well, sitting here, in bed, on this windy day while still recovering from this flu that has “kicked my butt” I thought it just as good a day to finalise my Ag Art Wear entries for this year with the write up and blog post and reveal what it is that has taken up most of my time over the past 8 months.

This year, I couldn’t decide which design to go with, so I did both, for 2 categories

The categories for the Act Belong Commit Ag Art Wear competition at the Dowerin Field Days are

Traditional – create a conventional
and traditional styled garment, while embracing the competition’s theme
of sourcing materials used in the practice of daily farming.

Avant Garde – Delve into the wild depths of your imagination and create a piece of art
that is outrageously unorthodox and experimental, all while being made
from material used on the local farm.

Landcare – Create a garment using flora and fauna found in Australia

Classroom Couture – a category for young artists and designers attending secondary education (Miss G has been patiently waiting to enter this section next year with her very own design)

So, without further hesitation, I give you the first of my designs


crapperflapper act belong commit OCD

My locals featured on my design this year, using bits of the Merredin Mercury as well as toilet paper cover paper, pleated and attached to fused plastic bags to create my own “fabric”

My inspiration for this one came from our toilet paper….of all things…..

We buy it in bulk, firstly, because we ALWAYS run out of the stuff (and it is a 20 minute drive to get more) and 48 long rolls, delivered to our door, last us a good 6 months and secondly, because of what this company is doing for the world


(taken from their website which you can visit HERE)



Flush Poverty Down the Loo
At present, 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to a toilet. This is a leading contributor to endemic poverty and is a major drag on economic growth in some of the world’s poorest countries. Diarrhoea related illnesses fill over half sub-Saharan African hospital beds and globally kill over 2,000 children under 5 every day. We think that’s pretty crap. That’s why we give 50% of our profits to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.
Make Every Wipe Count
We believe that the need to wipe shouldn’t mean we wipe out the planet. That’s why we only use 100% recycled post consumer waste fibres in our toilet paper. It saves on trees, water and landfill which means you’re doing your bit to help keep our planet great.
Be Good for Your Bum
We don’t use any chlorine, inks, dyes or weird perfumes in our toilet paper. We just pulp the clean fibres at super high temperatures to make WGAC biodegradable, safe in septic tanks and as strong as it is silky soft. And since it’s only tested on the finest human bottoms, our toilet paper is as good for your bum as it is for the planet.

As good a reason as any to change the way you shop for your toilet paper, I think!!

The toilet paper comes individually wrapped in pretty paper (all totally recycled, of course) and it came to mind to use that.

I set about pleating metres and metres of that paper as well as pieces of the Merredin Mercury (the community is as much a part of my life as they are my dress) and attached the pleated paper to the lining “fabric” , which I made from fusing plastic bags together.  This process was slow and frustrating, there was a lot of preparation before I could see how this “experimentation” was going to look, when it finally came together, however, the effect was a cool 60’s inspired dress and after fitting an old calico curtain as a yoke and a ring pull from a coke can – as a button, I could set on making the accessories to complete my polished 60’s, fresh faced woman.


crapperflapper obsessive creative design ag art wear entry 2014

I love where my head piece ended up…….I found an old headlight cover at the farm tip, which I fell in love with, the colour I love the most.  It could only be one thing in my mind, a fabulous hat for a fabulous and stylish lady!!   I simply embellished it with some pleated paper, like what I used for the dress, some feathers and some dead agapantha flowers (I knew I hadn’t tended the garden for a while, for a reason!!) and attached the hat to the head with an ocky strap I stole from hubby’s shed.

The neckpiece is a few toilet rolls I had sliced a certain way, and stuck together in a pattern with a WHO GIVES A CRAP logo, some jewels, some spikes and some more dead agapantha flowers


crapperflapper Obsessive creative design

All important accessorizing

I added some gardening gloves (as any proper woman would wear) a cuff made of a toilet roll and embellished and a little clutch bag made of toilet rolls also.

crapperflapper act belong commit ag art wear OCD

Jock loving the attention

crapperflapper Act belong commit ag art wear competition

My attempt at the Charelston in this rather restricting dress

crapper flapper OCD dowerin act belong commit ag art wear competition

Oh the SHOES!!!!!

The shoes were a TREAT to make!! Messy papier mache of the paper I used for the dress and attaching fused plastic bags to the shoes to create a cool boot and then embellished with the all important dead agapantha flower to make them resemble cowboy boots, don’t you think??

crapperflapper Dowerin field days competition crapperflapper Dowerin ag art wear dress

So, there you have it, dress number one.

And in the true form of our family, the photos just WORKED without any effort, we happened to choose a place (by accident) that complimented the colours of my design and had a lot of fun with my Mum and my Sister (and of course, Jock, Mum’s dog) shooting it!!

Do you think I am in with a chance?????

Love Kirsty xxx

PS. To see the Avant Garde design, check out the next blog post…..


7 thoughts on “The Crapper Flapper (Dowerin Field days wearable art entry 2014)

  1. Mystery Case

    I love this look to. It’s a shame they have categories. It should just be a case of every dress is entered and they choose winners for each category from the lot. I will be surprised if you don’t win this year.

  2. seraph1972

    what a bright, eco-delightful breath of fresh air! My boys both attended a Steiner School where the wearable arts shows every year were outstanding. I love your concept.


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