Junk Fairy Wars (Dowerin Field Days wearable art entry #2 2014)

So, not all of my inspirations and ideas come to me in the same way or order, being the random person I am, the CRAPPER FLAPPER came from thinking of a name first after establishing what materials I was going to use and it kind of “morphed” and moulded into what it is.

This design started with an emotion………

Through some of my other posts, you would get a certain feel of some of the hardships our little family has been through, and through those hardships, I emerged!!  Up until a few years ago, I was walking this earth not knowing who the heck I was, I had no confidence in myself, I was super shy and had no direction.  I felt inadequate “just being a Mum” (although I LOVE being a Mum) and didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing here on this Earth.

When we moved back to my home town,I settled down and I let my creative side out and the world opened up to me, I became more confident because I discovered WHO I WAS, finally!!  I still have plenty of work to do on myself, but I am pleased at how far I hav e come.

THIS design, is a celebration of ME!!

With ALL that I am, flaws and all, I give you……..



First up……The name……Well, I am known to bring all sorts of useful stuff home from the tips and my mind sees things in totally different ways to most people, I have gotten to the point where, when I drive past someones house and see a big pile of JUNK, I get excited (I also have to remind myself that it is someone elses house and someone elses rubbish, I don’t think people would take to kindly to me rummaging through their junk) A big reason why this competition appeals to me so much, I can feed my hunger for making discarded things new and hip…..just call me a WOMBLE!!

Mum has always talked about FAIRIES, and she is often the “cleaning fairy” that comes around and helps the kids put their stuff away in their rooms.  She was always the FAIRY that hovered above our shoulder when she couldn’t be at something we were entering or doing…..even now she tells us that!!  FAIRIES, to me are not magical creatures, they are very special people we have surrounding us, putting our best interests on top of the list, helping us grow and learn, nuturing us in the best and worst of times……FAIRIES are MOTHERS!!!


The overall design is quite FAIRY LIKE, but with a big hint of imperfection, darkness and danger.

We, as women, have to be so many people at the same time, we want to be feminine and pretty and soft, but we also want to be heard and MATTER!!  We want to be there for everyone and be maternal and caring, but we don’t want to be overlooked as “too soft” and not worthy and a “push over”.  We are often the ROCK in our own family, holding everything together, but we also need protecting and nuturing, ourselves.  We like to be organised and PERFECT, but often we are so far from that, it is ridiculous and “organised chaos” is the best thing to describe our lives.  All of the things we are trying to be OFTEN contradict each other and the ever present BALANCING ACT continues.


This is my design…..

The tutu, made from layers and layers of flyscreen and trash bags, is the feminine approach to my life, I am a ‘girly girl’ and I am soft and caring in nature.

The bustle is also part of the feminine design, pulling on the ‘yesteryear’ and how they used to enhance the female form with large bustles to create a desirable shape.  The bustle is bird netting sewn onto an actual seat belt (complete with buckle) with many trash bags attached to it to create the many layers of a person.

dowerin4 dowerin5 dowerin6

The headpiece happens to be part of the old RABBIT PROOF FENCE which my Husband was replacing while I was doing this design (it runs through the property we work on, and hard work on his behalf as it is dug into the ground quite significantly), I find it so exciting to have a piece of Western Australia’s history mingled into my dress (more info on the Rabbit Proof Fence HERE)

I chose to make a crown because every Mother is the Matriach of the family and holds everything together, it is made of chicken wire (from the Rabbit Proof Fence) and barbed wire and embellished with trash bag roses and feathers.


Another awesome find were these “indicators”.  They are off of old trucks up at the farm tip and used to hold out of the window, on a long arm, to use as indicators when turning!!  EXACTLY why I chose to use them in my design…..I am often stuck at crossroads with no indication of which way to head.  I enhanced that idea by attaching led lights to the indicators too.  All put together, it makes up the wings that each FAIRY (aka Mother) has.

dowerin8 dowerin9

The corset took a lot more thought than time making it, because it is made of rubber, from the inner tube of a tractor tyre, I knew it would be difficult to put through the sewing machine and , in the end, gave up on the “sewing it” idea and used glue.  That worked, although, not permanently, so I held it together with spikes and nuts and bolts which added to the overall decoration, and made it “bad ass” in the end. I had a bunch of Hubby’s old belts waiting to go to the op shop, and that is where the idea came from for fastening it to the body, the fact that each buckle is different, plays on my (undiagnosed) OCD and quest to have everything perfect, but I chose to embrace that fact and actually had a lot of fun making something Less than Perfect


The neck piece and eyewear is representing “pure protection”, having a preteen, a teen and a toddler, all with different opinions and firey personalities, this Mother needs a bit of protection.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the time our kids are great, but I have had a bit of practice accepting that they , like me, are not perfect and certainly don’t need to be.

The eye wear is a pair of old welding goggles attached to some sunnies with cable ties (I love that the yellow cable ties look like antennae)

The neck piece is a piece of poly pipe with crop lifters from the harvester bolted onto it.


I am always learning lessons!!  Even on the day of the photoshoot.  I, like most women, don’t have a good body image and I am always picking the flaws.  I was all set to wear leggings under the tutu until My Sister (the photographer) insisted that I go “bare legged”.  Thinking I didn’t have the legs for that, Adelle ensured me that she would “smooth out” the photos later…..she didn’t have to, my image of my body has changed for the better now!

dowerin12 dowerin13

In a world where I never feel I am being heard (even in my own immediate family, with a Dad and 2 siblings as quite the outspoken bunch and a very loud and overpowering extended family, I never felt like anyone was hearing me) That is why I made this megaphone from a traffic cone, because I am READY for my voice to be heard, I am a pretty interesting person once you start listening!

dowerin14 dowerin15

And finally, a tool belt filled with all of the essentials to be equipped for anything that may crop up in life……….who am I kidding, it is empty!! I am totally not that organised, and I am not afraid to admit that, BUT it is there for when I do find something in my life that works, or doesn’t work, and I will pop it in my tool belt to learn from it!!


So, here I am, with all of my flaws (being just as important as my good points),  and ready to be heard!!

Love Kirsty xx

Thanks Mum (official dresser) and Adelle for help with the photos!!


11 thoughts on “Junk Fairy Wars (Dowerin Field Days wearable art entry #2 2014)

  1. Helen Jefferys

    Love both your designs and the stories behind them. Good luck for the competition. Fingers crossed.


    Helen Jefferys (nee Butts – I used to teach at Merredin SHS)

  2. Rose Crane

    You rock Kirsty! Love both your designs, the stories and the sheer creative genius of both! Thanks for the inspiring blogs and can’t wait to see them on the catwalk at Dowerin this year. Cheers Rose Crane.

  3. Mystery Case

    Gosh if you don’t win this year, there is something wrong. I love this outfit but even more so I adore the inspiration behind the outfit. It and you are all rather perfect to me!

  4. Sarah-Jane

    Once again inspiring my dear!
    You are a girl after my own heart-We are all the same, our worst enemy for years. What a blessing to find yourself in such a creative way. Rock on junk fairy

  5. Karin & Rohan Day

    Wow Kirsty! We are blown away with your creativeness! You and your design are fantastic! It is amazing what you create with your, our and others’ farm junk. Best wishes for Dowerin and always.


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