Just sharing a jam packed Mother’s Day weekend

Considering my weekends consist of cleaning up what I didn’t get around to during the week and preparing for the following week (boring….I know and about to change!), being part of DESTINATION MERREDIN on the weekend was the best medicine for a big shift in my weekend life!

The itinery was jam packed full on Saturday with heritage activities, demonstrated by talented people in our town





Both museums were open and there were guided bush walks and bus tours with very knowledgeable guides who know so much about our little town’s history.



The shop windows were plastered with old photos and objects from yesteryear, and of course my collection of historically inspired clothing


From left to right –  CHRISTINA’S COTTAGE WINDOW -1940’s – Kitty top and Whitney pants, 1920’s – Roxanne dress, 1900’s – Leah top and Whitney skirt and a wedding dress actually from 1917 (so lucky to see that one)



HAPPENINGS WINDOW – 1950’s – Audrey dress, 1960’s – Twiggy dress, 1970’s Whitney pants (print) and vintage faux fur (was my Grandmother’s)



ATKINSON’S WINDOW – 1980’s – Maz dress, 1990’s – Tallulah dress, 2000’s – Frida over dress and vintage dress

So between our Saturday sport, we made candles, spun wool, watched sausages being made, saw how old fashioned tools were used, patted the draughting horses, added to the community quilt, and had a stroll around the CBD with a handbook full of history of the town.  We didn’t get to the museums, but we will make a point to go there soon.



The fantastic window displays chock full of history….




The highlight of our day would have to be dressing up at the Cummins Theatre and having our photo taken 1920’s style



While we were waiting for the photos to process, we were treated to a mini show from Brian Goddard on the piano while spending time in my favourite building in Merredin, it was magical!!

What an action packed day!! Phew

I only wish someone would have gone to the opening night of the Repetory Clubs show with me….it would have topped off a fabulous day

It would have been a great laugh, like always, maybe next weekend!!


Sunday was Mother’s Day



with hubby up and gone early for seeding and only one of the kids remembering it was Mother’s Day, made for a slow start.

But, we headed out to the garden and picked a huge bunch of chrysanthemums that are invading the garden, beautifully, might I add, and made a huge bunch for Mum and the rest we made into posies for all of the Mum’s at the Mother’s Day Picnic.

When we arrived at Roy Little Park, we were faced with a huge kite flying, croquet being played, rows of market stalls and people everywhere!!

The kids got busy handing out posies of flowers, which were very well received, and then went on to play some good, old fashioned picnic games






After checking out the stalls, patting the horses, again, playing tug o war, checking out the vintage cars, playing croquet, flying kites and catching lollies falling from kites, the kids and I were exhausted and content, spending time with some special people on such a wonderful weekend, was the best!

I can’t wait for next years……Merredin in Wartime!

A big pat on the back to the organisers and the attendees, we all made this weekend such a success and it just goes to show, how many passionate people there are here to keep history alive and put in the long hours to make sure the residents of our town have plenty to do here, I am so proud to have been a part of it!

Love Kirsy xxx


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