Out of Africa with Little Whitney……..

These pants have proved popular in the women’s version, how about a pair for the girls??

They are so comfortable to wear and look great!

The little WHITNEY version has elastic at the back for easy wear and fit, but that is the only difference.  They still sport the deep pleat down each leg and the flattering wide leg.

Every time Miss D is wearing her pair (which are made from a bed quilt) I actually hear people talking about them, tey make quite a statement.  Miss G hasn’t worn hers in public yet, she is waiting for a special occasion…….is she even my daughter??? It is ALWAYS a special occasion and EVERYDAY is the right day to dress up!!  


whitney pants OCD


OCD whitney pants

Whitney pants obsessive creative design


Girls Whitney pants OCD


My girl collection OCD

My girl Whitney OCD


Just a quick distraction….how much like my beautiful Mum does Miss G look???

Whitney pants My girlImage

My Girl collection obsessive creative design


There is a plethora of print fabrics out there (and a lot in my sewing room set aside for WHITNEY’S), what would you choose for YOUR little girl Print or plain??

Why not get a pair for yourself at the same time?? I am sure your little princess would love to match Mummy!!

Love Kirsty xx


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