How do YOU balance life???????

Well, it finally happened……..trying to be Super woman, Super wife, Super mum, Super community member, it finally all came crashing down.

There is only so much time you can run on adrenalin for, before you have a slight mental breakdown.

And being so far out of my comfort zone with a lot of things I have taken on in the past year means I had pretty much a whole year of giving my adrenals a work out, and they are tired.

So I am here, making myself accountable and putting some words down to be able to reference when I start to slip back to my old ways. 

10 things I have had to re learn lately….

1. I am not perfect and don’t need to act like it all the time, my non perfect ways are what makes me interesting.

2. I don’t have to take on EVERY opportunity that comes up.

3. I have to put myself somewhere on top of the list, alongside my family, to be able to keep going, healthily.

4. It is OK to ask for help.

5. Being a good community member does not mean I have to be involved in all community based events/committees, I just have to have a good outlook on the community and help WHERE I CAN.

6. People appreciate me even when I am having down time, I don’t have to be seen being amazing all of the time, so HAVE MORE DOWN TIME.

7. I don’t have to have a spotless house all of the time (this is a big one that I struggle with all the time)

8. Just because I have admitted I am not coping does not make me a failure.

9. I am loved and appreciated for just who I am, not what I do.

10. Above all, spending time with family and friends is THE MOST important thing, it doesn’t have to be a learning experience or helping someone, just my time, in any way, is appreciated the most.

The funny thing is, I recall helping others with all of this advice, but along the past busy year, I forgot to practice my own advice.

This week I have gone into “Kirsty Rescue Mode” and taken time off to “wallow”, not felt guilty when I couldn’t get out of bed one morning (the kids are super in the mornings and I treated them to a canteen lunch as a treat that day), started breaking my days up into work, house organising, exercise AND play, and started to slowly get back into baking and running and other things I love to do.  

There are certain things I need in my day/week to keep me sane


So, in order to have a balanced life, as well as the “chores” and work in life, these things that I love should have a high priority in my everyday life, so I need to make time for them. (I have printed this out and stuck it on my fridge to remind me everyday)

I have declined a few things that I had committed to, it felt awful to let people down, but, I seemed to be “getting through this last thing and then life will be easier”, too much and did not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The absolute amazing thing is, my community and friends and family, with just little comments or compliments have really made my day sometimes, it really does work to always be kind, you really don’t know when it will improve someones day (or even save their life), so I feel good that all my “goodness” I put into the world, does come back.  I also believe in “messages”, if you are open to looking for them, they will show themselves quite clearly, Just the other day, I was flicking through my blog and came across some very important words in which came from MY OWN heart and realised I wasn’t living life the way I used to AND should be, so I stood up and took notice.

I also got some great tips about balance from some special people out there, THANKYOU.

I am so grateful for all of you Angels out there and look forward to a PRODUCTIVE year, not BUSY, because you CAN be busy and not achieve anything, but with a bit of planning (AND play in between), you can achieve more than you ever thought with less time and effort.

How is YOUR life going right now, do you need to re-evaluate?

What is it that makes YOUR heart sing which should be included into your everyday life and have you made time for those things??

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and feelings, I won’t judge, we all fall off the wagon, and I have admitted I am not perfect.  Sometimes, saying it out loud or writing it down, helps us to really see what we are doing.

And sometimes it is as easy as walking outside and taking in what the world has to offer



Love Kirsty XXXX


9 thoughts on “How do YOU balance life???????

  1. Where the styled things are

    Brilliant Kirsty! I am glad that you have listened to your heart and you’re taking back your life and filling it with the GOOD THINGS that you enjoy. Sometimes we need that kick in the guts to make us realise that. It’s happened to me a lot lately (quietly coz we all know I hate talking about my feelings) Well done on recognising it and making a change for the good (and fun) enjoy life, do what you love, laugh more with your family, and relax 🙂 x

  2. gail pick

    my family make my heart sing, with out them i wouldnt feel complete,xxx
    so glad you are listening to your body and mind, proud of you, that you have learnt a few more lessons, that how it should be as we walk through life, and we are the only ones that can change our selves, even though everyone else has helpful advice, it dosnt work until we put it all to practice, love you baby. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jacara

    Thankyou sew much my gorgeous doppleganger! I really needed to hear this and to see that there is someone out there who is feeling the exact same way. ×××××

  4. Mystery Case

    So pleased to hear you are slowing down and practicing what you preach. I don’t know about you but even when I’m on top of my game I take the first few days when school goes back to do nothing but catch up and recharge and I don’t have a little one at home.

    The introvert in me also needs to schedule a lot of time out after events to recharge the batteries.

  5. Jo @ BabbleOnCity blog

    Oh yeah. I hear ya. I started this year all gung ho and raring to go. Then I fell off the wagon with a big bump. It’s taking some time to get back on it too. But I’m ok with that. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Learning to say no is the biggest issue for me. Like you, I’ve done it a couple of times recently. I feel like shite doing it … but just quietly (between you ‘n me!) … it’s really very empowering. And such a relief. It’s about being true to you. And it’s like they say … you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping everyone else.
    Take care of you, lovely Kirsty … jx


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