Country Mouse in the Big City, dressed like a bag lady……

I was jumping out of my skin while walking to Forrest Chase on the weekend, knowing that I was soon going to change into my very prickly outfit to be a part of the Farming champions event to bring a small slice and a large bit of awareness of the Country to the Big Smoke……..


A mob of “Country Mice” took over Forrest Chase on Saturday the 29th March, and we didn’t do it quietly, there was the amazing Navy band playing, farm animals, produce, community groups and inspiring speakers going all day.


We aimed to …..

“Create awareness of the importance of agriculture to all Australians
Redefining farming as an ‘ESSENTIAL SERVICE’ -‘without food we die!’
Raise awareness of the huge challenges farmers are facing and why many are exiting the industry 
Ask why Australian farms are being sold to China, India, the Middle East and other countries
Put agriculture on the top of the ‘POLITICAL MENU’” – quoted from


I was asked by a very inspiring lady, Rose Crane, to come along to show that you can be creative and inspiring whilst living in the country.  Needless to say, I was very flattered to be asked and thought, what better way to show my creativity than wearing one of my Wearable Art dresses that I entered in the Dowerin Field Days


So I “shacked up” with the girls from the field days to promote their 50th year and to promote the Act, Belong Commit Wearable Art competition (find the entry form in the link)


It was a fantastic day!! There were plenty of people wanting to have their photo taken with me and many that did a double take, and when I smiled at them, stayed a while for a chat and to ask what was going on (after all, there was a lot of commotion happening and if you were just in the City for a spot of shopping, you were also faced with a lot of entertainment and produce tasting and animals!!)




I think I was able to inspire some people to enter the competition and I certainly turned a lot of heads, I even managed to find out what in the world the bit of metal was that I used to make the belt!!  A builder came to ask where I got the piece of metal (I told him “from the farm tip” LOL) and he told me it is used when building a roof…..well you learn something new every day LOL!

I was even lucky enough to meet the President of the CWA for WA, Sara Kenny! (I can’t wait for the Burracoppin’s first meeting on Friday night to re-establish the branch, this bunch of women out here are really going places)


I really am looking forward to being a CWA Lady!!

I have never felt more proud to be a “Country Chick” and wouldn’t want it any other way and it was even more surprising to be personally thanked by a few of the organisers Mary Nenke and Alan Fisher and asked to be involved again next year in a even bigger way!! OF COURSE!!


I came away from the day feeling humbled, battered and scratched (that is what you get for wearing barbed wire) and extremely proud ready to tackle all of the other “out of comfort zone” experiences coming up this year and happy to be of benefit in some small way.

It is very satisfiying when you put yourself out there and it is much appreciated, it just makes the slight nerves before the event, worth it!

Next experience……..MC for the Merredin Show!!





I am truly blessed to be meeting some of the most amazing people we have, right here, in the country AND in our own town, banded together, we are a force to be reckoned with!!

Love Kirsty XX





4 thoughts on “Country Mouse in the Big City, dressed like a bag lady……

  1. Gail Pick

    ahhhh Kirsty im sooo proud of you, so very proud, you look like Jennefer Hawkins there in front of the hole world to see. Just keep on keeping on and enjoy your most exciting ride, life is ment to be lived and you sure are doing that at the moment. To think you are a part of me and you have so much more insperation then i had at your age. My love for you is endless xxxxxxxxxx


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