My Girl…….a sneaky peek

So, March was supposed to be the month to get my next collection started, a little Girl’s collection that coincides with my Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction) Collection…….

BUT, with many orders coming in, I have not had the chance and, lets face it, completing orders for my fantastic clients comes FIRST!!

Well, I worked A LOT overtime this weekend to at least start this collection and this is as far as I got (needless to say, I am feeling a bit more on top of my schedule)

So you are very lucky to see a glimpse of what I have been working on…



JUST a little snippet of a peak, but we have a GRACYNNE top and a CARRIE skirt going on here , along with a lot of attitude from my models (showing their DIVA ways) Miss G is going to have to up her game on the modelling front as Miss D has taken over this shoot.  And while I love the CARRIE skirt with this top, you should see the pants I have in mind to go with it

Stay tuned for a complete photoshoot in the next month or two where you will see the whole collection!! I am really excited about this one!

What do you think??

Love Kirsty xx


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