Wow, what a big couple of days……..

I was lucky enough to be invited out to a special event this past weekend and it turned out to be one big weekend of doing fabulous things!!

The special event just so happened to be the Western Australian Fashion Awards!! And what an eye opener that was…….

So, I headed off to Perth with my upcycled Ball dress on Thursday,



dropping off my little munchkin to my Mum and Dad’s house on the way and knowing that all the kids would have a great weekend with Nanna and Grandad.

Picked up the lovely Mystery Case and headed to an apartment that she had put us up in for the night.  After all the running around, we only had a short amount of time to get glammed up, but I think we pulled it off, what do you think??



I think we did alright considering our time frame! (I just hope no one noticed the sheep snot on the bottom of my dress from the photos in the paddock with them a few days before LOL – so classy)

The night was all glitz and excitement for many a Perth designer and model, which had us mingling with the most wealthy and “to do” people in Perth.  Certainly an experience for a small town girl!

The next day had us at the opening of Sculptures by the Sea,  where we watched a humble Japanese man win $50,000 for his sculpture, the look on his face was PRICELESS.

Saturday morning had me at the beach doing yoga with my Sister from Where the styled things are, dolphins and ALL!!  The rest of the day we spent fabric shopping and shopping for outfits for her blog!! I can’t think of a better day, can you??


Funky fabrics for a funky little design that you will see soon…..

Sunday had me driving home for a dress fitting for a lovely Bridesmaid and her Bride….



and then Monday had me at a CWA meeting in which my Mum and I were both invited to talk about out upcycling and creativity, and what a lovely bunch of ladies they were, I will join the CWA in the very near future, I have always wanted to follow in my Grandma’s footsteps, she used to do lamington drives and make all the lamingtons herself! 



So needless to say, I am exhausted but ohhhh so content, a great mix of things to keep me excited about life both over the top and humbling.

Now, I must sign off, I need to get dinner and head off to the Merredin Show meeting…….Life is NEVER boring!

Love Kirsty xx


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