Mary (the Grecian Princess) had a little Lamb…….

I was invited to a glamorous evening this week and had a “what am I going to wear?” moment because it is Black Tie and franky, that dress code scares me…….

But then I remembered the little blue number I have been working on, so I pushed myself to finish it off.  The first of a whole series of upcycled ball gowns, I hope you are as excited about it as I am!

It was originally a tight fitting, lace dress that was waaaaaaayyyy too short (well for me anyway), so out came the chiffon in this shocking electric blue (there will be no hiding in this colour)!

First I had to address the shortness of the original dress……..easy fix, add a piece to the length, and just as I thought I may have to put it aside for another date (I couldn’t find the colour I needed) a jersey skirt fell on my head from the stash of clothes I have in my “clothes mountain”……can you believe it was the exact colour I was looking for?????

It was meant to be!!

I was going for the same sort of look of my CHRISTIE dresses


BUT, keeping the whole dress and having the sheer chiffon do what it does best, and reveal the shape of the dress underneath.

Playing around with the chiffon on the dress form, I was pinning the top pieces to the shoulders, just to get them out of the way, and the whole thing took on a life of it’s own – you really have to listen to garments to find out how they want to be repurposed!

This is the end result…..






So, it appears I cannot go anywhere around the farm without being followed by 2 lambs, a dog and a cat (and usually a couple of kids too) Oh the joys!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way



THE BELT!! Oh the belt, I knew it neede something and I didn’t want it to go around the whole dress and ruin the back, so I made little button holes in each seam for the belt to slip through on each side so it only cinches in at the front.  

The actual belt is an awesome bracelet I found at an op shop (it is covered in little metal and crystal beads) attached to another metal belt chain I had in my extensive jewellery collection, it makes for something a little unique and just enough bling to tie it all together.




Oh, the back… reminds me of the designers of the 1930’s/1940’s being inspired by Greek Goddesses!





Please excuse my face in this pic……..I totally respect the fantastic job that models do, I am clearly not one hahaha, I just could not open my eyes into the sun!! BUT I loved how the dress looked in this one!


Your thoughts……

Is this enough for a Black Tie event??

and now, are you craving to see the rest of my Upcycled Ball Gown series??

You are going to want to see what I do with the many Wedding dresses I have in my hot little hands!

I have a lot to get organised for this year, I am so excited to get started and itching to let you in on the madness that is my creative mind…..stay tuned…..

Love Kirsty xx


11 thoughts on “Mary (the Grecian Princess) had a little Lamb…….

  1. Rose Crane

    You are a creative genius Kristy. You go girl! Perfect for Black Tie 🙂 And just for the record I’ve always advocated the intelligence of sheep, not surprised they wanted to hang out with you at all! Rose.

  2. Travelling Macs

    I love the colour and style especially the back . It just adds perfectly to it. Amazing creation and you would definitely be the belle of the black tie ball on it 🙂


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