Setting up for a CRACKER of a year

So, I am a creative type!!

and as much as I like to be an “organised Housewife”, who am I kidding, I am my own worst enemy!!  

When I do try to be organised, I can very easily swing to the OCD side of cleaning and rearranging, sending my whole family as crazy as I am.  So , new year, new strategy!

Our kids are really quite helpful around the home, but the old way of “telling them to do things” is not working, and they have their own little quirks that drive me crazy too, so it was time to create a chore system that suited us, so I headed to my little friend…..the World Wide Web, to see what was available.

WOW, sooooo much information, I found some great sites like Free printable behaviour charts where I printed off some toilet training and “nanna nap” charts for Miss D, it is working a charm.

And I also found a complete printable system here which is also free

And a hard copy one complete with a special wooden peg board for each child here

All were fantastic, but, I am a slight control freak and also know what my kids are capable of, so I took a bit of all of them and got my creative mind involved too (of course I did) and came up with my own to suit Master J’s ability to get lost in his own little world and forget what he was doing, and Miss G’s argumentative nature that everything is “unfair”, and their hunger to earn extra money AND little prizes for their efforts.

This is what I came up with….


Using a few photo frames, I personalised them and attached little 3m hooks to the bottom.

Two of those hooks are for their daily jobs ie. hygiene, dishwasher, making bed, take vitamins, hang out laundry, check that a room is picked up (in each room of the house I have little cards with a checklist on it on what to look for when tidying that room) etc


When they have finished a job (which are in order of how the day goes) they flip it over to the next hook, giving a sense of accomplishment and lets them know what job they are up to.  If they complete a whole day’s worth of jobs PROPERLY (something we are working on) then they get $1 for the day, $7 a week if they have a blitz week!!


The next hook is for jobs in which they are paid to do ie. wash cars, make dinner, weed garden, mow lawns etc.  If they feel like earning more than their usual pocket money, they can choose a job from these, each job has a value.



The next hook is for their money tickets so instead of having to be cashed up all week and handing out money here there and everywhere, they get tickets which are cashed in at the end of the week.  It is also where their reward ticket sits – if they complete a whole week of daily jobs and earn their complete $7 for the week, they get a sticker on their reward ticket, when they fill it all in, they get a CASH prize!!  (cash seems to work for our older 2).


The Behaviour bucks, when earnt, go on this hook too, they can earn them by us catching them displaying a good behaviour and can be redeemed for something from the prize box (which is filled with little prizes ie. pencils, hair accessories, erasers etc)

The last hook is for our Family Blitz clean once a week where we are all assigned a part of the house to thoroughly clean, the cards have step by step instructions because that is how I work and also helps the kids stay on track and break a big task up into small chunks and it isn’t quite as daunting.



So, there it is…..My way of keeping the house organised and the kids accountable, I believe we all have a role in keeping the house organised and it shouldn’t all fall on one person, it teaches them to earn their leisure time and belongings, keeps the house in order and frees some of my time up too so I can get cracking on something very exciting this year and so that I don’t feel like a slave.  Yes, it does seem that they have a lot to do, but only because it is broken up into small bits, enough for them to handle.

Even Miss D has her own chart and responsibilities, it isn’t as comprehensive as the older two, but, she feels like she is contributing and keeps her on track, a big plus since doing this system is, she doesn’t fuss as much when it is time for naps because she can see that it is the next job for her to do….WINNING!!

As you can see from the photos of the fingerprints on the charts, they are well used already.


I am super excited to get on with this year and I know this isn’t your average OCD blog post, but sharing is caring and if my little bit of research helps somebody else, then my job is done.

Love Kirsty xx


4 thoughts on “Setting up for a CRACKER of a year

  1. Jill

    What a fantastic idea!! Absolutely love it!! I’ve bought many reward chart/systems in the past and never used them properly because they didn’t quite fit our household. This has inspired me to get creative and personalize the system. THANK YOU!!!


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