All I want for Christmas is an OCD Dress

Jingle bells

Pretty Girls

in an upcycled dress

Let me make one for you too,

it’s sure to impress!

Shirts to dresses

Pants to skirts

Rummage through your clothes…

What I see in your old things

Will make you smile, I know.

Yes, I was inspired to rework another Christmas Carol in the spirit of ‘reworking’ clothes.

I have been super busy getting a few upcycled designs ready for fabulous Christmas dresses, I hope you like what you see.

All are available right now or I can make you one from your clothes stash or in your colours

Well here they are……


(named by the lovely Deidre Pettit in my naming competition)

A cool, refreshing dress made from upcycled skirts and dresses and attached to tanks, great for BBQ’s, shopping with flats or work or a more glamorous event with heels and some blingin’ jewellery.  This design looks great on the young, mature, thin or curvy, in fact, my Mum has several (every time I showed her the things I was working on, she snavelled them up for herself)

I have even designed some for the princesses in your life (Girls version $35)




This is a little extra one, the shirt dress that Miss G is wearing

Women’s version




A great work look


Casual with flats


Jess got bored and decided to watch the sunset instead


Pretty in pink pleats


Blinging it up for the evening




A great dress for those classy Christmas parties, this dress is pure class!!

Made from a preloved skirt and embellished with a fabulous handmade belt, I will let the photos tell the rest of the story..

Obsessive creative design christmas upcycled dresses resizedchristmas dresses 102










I have to call this one after myself after my favourite jeans saga

It is a pair of pants/jeans made into a skirt , this is the result…


I only got one of these made, more to come.



FRIDA is a wardrobe MUST HAVE!

An oversized wrap, overdress which dresses up anything, over jeans for a BBQ, or over dress pants or a dress for a more glamorous event.  You may remember seeing it in my collection, I love this dress and I have done some in gorgeous flowy fabric and lace. This dress isn’t upcycled, seen here in an all sizes women’s version but I am working on some little girls versions too.

Over Jeans for a casual affairImage

Over Dress pants (WHITNEY from the collection)


Over a fabulous vintage dress…..WOW, I love this


Fit for High Tea!


So, what do you think??

Which one is your favourite??

Have you got your Special dress for Christmas?  If not, then throw me a message and I will send you your favourite!

Love Kirsty



10 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is an OCD Dress

  1. kylahmorrison

    Love the vintage wrap overdress! Just beautiful. The fit for high tea and first kiddie one are both gorgeous too. I love the creativity. Makes me feel inspired to try something different with my wardrobe – not that I’d sew anything. Probably why the wrap appealed so much – ha!

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