Meet Miss Audrey……

No, I haven’t forgotten to show you the rest of my collection, I just got a little distracted.

Are you ready to meet AUDREY??

You may remember her from my trip to the hardware store over Frocktober……

Well here she is on the Fabulous Miss Tarryn Woods, I rather think it suits her, stunning girl!  What do you think?


All hail Audrey Hepburn!
What a stunning woman she was.
I was channelling her when this design popped into my head.
A one shoulder dress, cinched in at the waist and a full gathered skirt.
I particularly like the pleated sleeve on this one and the men’s tie as a belt in a contrast colour to make it ‘pop’.

Made from vintage curtain lace, this one can be recreated in any colour you desire

Price – $180




I love how it looks with the Tamara Harrison’s Jane Jetson necklace and Decadent Jewels Brooch, gives it some edge and the headpiece, made by me, gives it some vintage flair


So, what do you think??

What colour would YOU have it in??

Contact me to order yours today!

Love Kirsty xx

Models – Tarryn Woods, Adelle Cousins and Libby Rabson

Photography – Sheridan Lee Photography

Hair –Twisted Scissors by Lisa Rabson

Make up – Rachael Campbell


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