Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Well, what a month!!! and we finished off with a fantastic day today supported by really lovely people.

I am a little teary eyed at the moment, I am exhausted, but so humbled of the support I have gotten by some really special people, that is YOU!.  you who donated, you who talked to me while I was dressed a little over the top, you who helped to put together an amazing event today, you who didn’t call the police to take the crazy lady away, you who are reading this and have told me you are really enjoying what is going on in my life, and you who I have met up with a thousand times or just once (online or face to face) as I believe everyone has come into my life for me to learn from and I find you all amazing, beautiful people!

Together we raised

$860 online

$426 on my street walk

$397 in raffle and lunch money

A whopping $1683 ( I will round it up to $1700 when I bank it)


This is what went on today if you didn’t get a chance to get there


Obsessive Creative Design


Outback Aromas – she has an awesome new product, Aroma Sticks/inhalers – full of aromatherapy oils in which you whip out and have a sniff when you need – I chose the Happiness one and the Calm one, so yellow or purple will let you know how I am feeling at the time hahaha


So glad I found a Wheatbelt Intimo consultant, Caroline is a breath of fresh air, you will be seeing a lot of my Mum and myself



Sweet Temptations…..YUMMMMMMM, such a light, fluffy sweet cupcake! Thank you Anne for cooking up a storm and bringing these goodies


NEKA Accessories, of course they had the bag I was looking for, for the last few months!!


Oh Marina!!  I am so happy I met you, I have been using your products for a while and love them and you are a beautiful person inside and out, I look forward to many more catch ups



Gumtree Restaurant, my favourite spot, it looks amazing, is run by amazing people and has the most amazing food, they really did so much to get this event going and without this venue, it would not have been as special as it was, I can’t wait to work with you next year!







The Raffles won by

NEKA Accessories – Joanne Twyerould

Sweet Temptations Dozen cupcakes – Kylie Powell

Marina’s Ambrosia Body candle and mineral lipstick – Kylie Powell

Intimo Lingerie $50 gift voucher – Leonie Grant

Outback Aromas Soy candle and happiness inhaler – Kate Downsborough

Gumtree Restaurant $100 voucher – Kelly Manning

Gumtree restaurant box of milk tray chocolates – Anne Mottershead, Kylie Powell, Narelle Millington, Kylie Garwood

Congratulations, these were awesome prizes!!


Kylie Powell, you are a star!! Making these beautiful banners for today, they will get a good working out over the next many years!


Congratulations Narelle Millington who one the big prize which consisted of a beautiful carafe from Edgecombe Jewellers, a yummy candle from Christina’s Cottage, a tie necklace from Obsessive Creative Design and a cute handmade bookmark from Oh My Gracynne and the J-Bomb (yes, that is my kids and they chose the name, but they have some talent too and make some cool stuff)

Well, bring on next year!!

I am having a bit of time to recoup and then back in to organize lots of cool events and designs for next year

Love you all and you will see the rest of the collection each week again now!

Love Kirsty xx


11 thoughts on “Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  1. BabbleOnCity

    Wow Kirsty … what an incredible month you’ve had. Congratulations to you. Today’s event looked fabulous … what a great way for small businesses to showcase their wares.
    Now then … time to put your feet up and chillax a bit methinks, huh?

  2. Gail Pick

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, teary eyes as i read , im so proud of you my darling, and ohhhh what a great day we had, all my favorate stall holders, always there for you baby, as with all my babies , mum (nanny) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Deidre Pettit

    Thanks for organizing such a wonderful Day Kirsty, Everyone really enjoyed themselves & some great prizes to be won from your raffles, enjoy your rest now you deserve it. Great effort on raising the amount of money for Ovarian Cancer:)

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      I am so glad you have made the efforts you have in the last few months, we love having you!
      did you read the Frocktober chronicles LOL
      I am planning my big launch for next year in Frocktober season and would LOVE for you to be involved


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