Frocktober Day 30 – Hello Summer – in Miss G’s Perspective

Dear Diary,

It was HOT today, SO HOT!! and after an excruciating day at school, I needed to cool off!

Lucky Dad has the pool ready!

But, I have been reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy and I am up to a really exciting bit in the second one “Catching Fire” , I didn’t get to finish while I was on the bus I and just had to get that read before I soaked away my blues, especially since it is coming out in the cinema’s in November around my birthday (maybe I could get a trip to Perth to watch it for my birthday, hint, hint), and a mani/pedi and some new bathers and an Ipod touch or tablet……….

Anyways, I haven’t gotten a chance to wear this dress before now (maybe I can wear it to all the special things for my birthday – GIRL’S DAY OUT…..hint, hint (is anyone getting my hints??)  Mum made it from two dresses and turned it around, so I am actually wearing it backwards!










Don’t forget that Mum is waltzing down the street in her really embarrassing Shot Gun Wedding dress tomorrow if you want to see her, and if you have some spare change weighing you down, then she could put it towards Ovarian Cancer research.

You can still donate here

And get along to her Fantabulous Frocktober Luncheon, she has bought a heap of lollies for a lolly buffet and we can’t have any (not fair) so go and pinch a pocketful for me!!

Well J just splashed me, I am going in for the BOMBY!!

Love Miss G


5 thoughts on “Frocktober Day 30 – Hello Summer – in Miss G’s Perspective

    1. Deidre Pettit

      Looking lovely & cool in your sweet dress . Your Mum is sooo talented, great to see you enjoy reading Miss G & hope you get a surprise for your Birthday from the hints you have given:)


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