Frocktober Day 26 – See….I do get fuel!!

Dear Diary,

Yep, I do learn from my mistakes!

Although I don’t have to guesstimate how much fuel I have left with my new car, she runs really well too.




I LOOOVE my shoes, even if I do say so myself LOL


This dress I threw together yesterday!

It is a skirt and a tank merged together, I often wear skirts as dresses so it only seemed natural.

I made a few at the same time only I need a name for the design now!! Any suggestions??  I do seem to name my designs lady’s names, so if you have a name that hits you when you see this dress design, let me know, there may be a prize for the name I like the best!


Went into town to have a family coffee and milkshake at Cafe 56 today, it was busy in town.  It was the first time in a while that we went in to town without having to do something, so we just enjoyed the morning looking at the shops (Op shop definitely included!! Petticoat Lane ROCKS!!)

Then home to sort out the reticulation in the garden with Hubby before it gets too dry, I have already lost a few of my purchases from the other day to The sprinkler not reaching them AND our Boof head dog jumping all over them when he got through the fence.

Well today is the last Saturday of Frocktober, it has gone so fast!

Get your donations in for Ovarian cancer and lets kick Cancer’s butt!!  I think all of us Frocktobian’s have raised over $200,000 so far, WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

Come help me celebrate it all on Friday at the Fantabulous Frocktober Luncheon details HERE 

Love Kirsty xx

Donate HERE


3 thoughts on “Frocktober Day 26 – See….I do get fuel!!

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Wow..Kirsty your looking hot & your Dress design shows just how “simple” can really look Fantastic, your necklace & shoes really give it the Wow factor. The name for your dress coming to mind is Christy..from the “criss cross” type design in the bottom part of the dress. You really are amazing & I really am so pleased you have achieved so much for Ovarian Cancer, really appreciate Frocktober & all you have put into making each Day Interesting:)

  2. gail pick

    I think a good name for your dresses in this style would be Hope! As you have created it at the time of frocktober, raising money for the cause, in the hope to find a cure. Xxx


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