Frocktober Day 25 – Running errands with Norma Jean

Dear Diary,

oh, it is errand day, I need some zips and thread, as usual, to post some things (yay, I remembered to bring them with me) and Hubby scripts need to be filled……

Oh well, better get ‘frocked up’ and head into to town, today I chose NORMA JEAN, I love it, only it does stand out quite a bit for just running errands, doesn’t matter, the town has seen crazier things from me……first stop….

Craft at Heart 

to get my supplies and see Aunty V



I might treat myself to a magazine while I am down this side of town at the Newsagent



I will fill this script at the chemist and head to the post office while I am waiting for it…..


Hmmmm….I need hairspray, I used my last half a can on this hair do



Better get these parcels posted and see the friendly girls at the Post office





Let’s head home, boots were not a good choice today, the weather finally decided to act like Spring and I am a little warm in boots, time to kick them off.

Be sure to let me know if you can make it to my FANTABULOUS FROCKTOBER LUNCHEON, I would love to see you there!!

And don’t forget to get your donation in for Ovarian cancer research in these last few days

Donate here

Love Kirsty xx



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