Frocktober Day 18 – Watching the Whales

Dear Diary,

A pretty low key kind of day today, we stuck around the area we were situated and checked out the lighthouse and went for a stroll to see if we could spot some whales – Hubby saw them all and when he tried to show me where, they hid from me!





We tried our luck over at Bunker Bay and they were swarming (do whales swarm?), a beautiful sight



Se the whale?

They put on a show for us while we had lunch at the Beach Cafe, there were so many and all were breaching and playing around, it was magic to watch.





I think I chose my frock well for today, very nautical!

I made this one from a vintage red blouse, I lopped off the sleeves and made a navy cotton drill skirt with a wide band and attached it to the blouse – my fab hat makes this outfit, don’t you think?

Last day today, get to see the kids tomorrow – yay!!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday with my Hubby and myself, I have been given many a pep talk by him about taking on too much etc and feel ready to go home and relax into a more stress free life and also the excitement of organising the FABULOUS FROCKTOBER LUNCHEON.

I still have many more frocks to dust off for the next few weeks so keep those donations coming


Love Kirsty xx



3 thoughts on “Frocktober Day 18 – Watching the Whales

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Your luck was in..seeing the whales..your out fit is Fab & your hat sets it all off, thanks for sharing your holiday, the places you went to were wonderful, photo’s trip home:)


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