Frocktober Day 15 – polished from Tip to Toe!!

Dear Diary,

I know I polished myself up before I left, but I didn’t have time to get my awful nails sorted – I am a shameful beauty therapist ( that is my trade) but you know what they say about mechanic’s cars….

On our walk the other night we passed this funky little shop and hubby took the number and shouted me a mani-pedi – the first in a VERY LONG TIME

Tip to Toe – House of Polish

You can find them on facebook and in the mainstreet of Dunsborough Western Australia



Thanks Krysten and Zoe, it was pure pleasure, and my nails look fab



Well, a lot of time was taken to get my nails perfect so we had a late start, we decided to just head over to Busselton for some ‘thrifty’ shopping – our fave kind ( I scored some beauties to work on to make some special upcycled pieces, no doubt you will see them soon)- at some op shops and just have a wander over the jetty…..






woah…cocky hair!!





So, another CARRIE skirt featured today, and of course it is always a time for pearls!! And perfectly polished nails which match my frock.

I did some donating of my own today for Breast cancer, you can help out with Ovarian cancer by donating HERE

Love Kirsty xx

PS. I hope you have penciled in the 1st of November!  I have jagged some more of my “favourite things” to come along and help me celebrate, we are in for a fun day.



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