Frocktober Day 14 – My favourite way to end the day….

Dear Diary,

We set off for some exploring today, a bit of shopping, a bit of sight seeing, a good deed (when we turned up to our favourite little winery – Adinfern Estate – the guy there was having trouble with his car and Hubby, being a superstar [and the fact that it has happened to my car – No NOT running out of fuel ] we were able to help him and they, so generously, gave us a complimentary bottle of our favourite wine!!

We ended the day with a spot of snoozing and reading in a lovely secluded paddock on Cape Naturaliste road….

I chose the perfect spot





It just happened to be right in the middle of an ants nest and they were VERY friendly!





This place wasn’t much better


I love how hubby just keeps click clicking and laughing at all my misfortunes – I keep him well entertained

I made this dress from a dress I was already making which was turning out to be a disaster and destined for the ‘I can’t be bothered pile’ I loved the fabric so I cut the troubled bit off and paired it up with a tank top to make this cute little shift dress  – lots more in different fabrics, lengths and volume have been created in my head like this one, I shall get some done when I get home, are you keen to see more? (hubby was relieved that my outfit was a bit more subdued today)



Looking for ants in this spot…..




My reading material, I am pretty sure that I have some sort of OCD as I always have several books on the go(that isn’t the only symptom lol), this month it is – some history with The Lady of the Rivers, a seductive historical novel of the French and English monarchy 

Some inspiration with Gok Wan, Through thick and thin, I LOVE THIS GUY!! He is doing what I want to pass onto all of the lovely people I know and meet, that we are all beautiful, I wish people would see what I see in them.

And some humour with Karl Pilkington’s The further adventures of An idiot Abroad, if you have seen this show on TV you will know what I am talking about – very funny stuff



I am definitely going to be wearing more of my accessories that I create! I love these ‘steampunk’ inspired pieces!

(let me know if you want one and I will whip one up for you)





We couldn’t leave without saying hello to the maiden beauties – I could NOT believe I was a bit terrified of them, I am a farm girl!  Sheep are much smaller though, but their faces are so beautiful!




Well , almost half way through FROCKTOBER for Ovarian cancer research, have you donated yet?

You can do so here….

I will be working out more details of our celebration when we get home, it is getting exciting with the type of people wanting to be involved, I can’t wait to kick up my heels with you so keep the 1st of November free, more details very soon!

Better go wash off this squashed ant smell and get ready for a ‘sushi nigh out’!!

Love Kirsty xx


15 thoughts on “Frocktober Day 14 – My favourite way to end the day….

  1. Gail Pick

    Good morning mummy and daddy, 8.30am and its the 1st time i have opened my computer, have been busy coming and going, cooking and cleaning, and having fun. Nanny has had 3 breakfast today, she is going to get fat. 6am with grandad and Jayden, 7am with Gracynne, and Denneker has just woken up, so 8am with her. Washing done, kids on the bus grandad at work, so now Denneker and i can have play time. We are writing a dairy for everyday for you to read when you come home, and we are trying to make it interesting for you.. Didn’t expect to see a snake on Sunday, we will be keeping an eye out all the time now. Lovely weather, and we are all fine, hope you are having a nice relaxing time. Don’t miss us toooo much, we have been tooo busy to really miss you. Write to me on your email address, as i dont have it in the computer, i will have to be grandad to help me put it in. Gracynne is so responsible as she has written Rowens phone number on the blake board for me and set up the 2 way incase i need help. Love you both, Nanny, Grandad, Gracynne, Jayden and Denneker. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Rhonda

    Great photos, loving the owl. I don’t think I’d be too comfy with cows so close. A bull chased a friend and me once next to Whiteman Park while filming for a uni project! Yikes!

    Have a good time! Looking forward to reading more.


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