Frocktober Day 10 – A polish up for my week away with my Hubby

Dear Diary,

Well, on Saturday, Hubby and I are off for a week to relax while the kids have a fun with Nanna and Grandad at our house, so a second honeymoon I guess….woohoo!!

But first, I needed some primping to fix the regrowth in my hair and do something about my blindly white skin.  I really need some hand and feet overhaulin’ too, but have run out of time so I will treat myself while down south.

I really did not think things through when I chose my frock today, I am LOVING my ROXANNE dress from my collection (you can read all the details about Roxanne here….

Wearing a natural coloured dress to get a tan was not a good idea, and what was I thinking with wearing boots (doh) so because I was rushing out the door and running late for my appointment, I forgot to grab some cash and had to be caught down the main street in my dress…..that is it….no bra and no shoes so I didn’t mess up my tan – I guess people here are getting quite used to my dress sense!!

Thankyou Kate for my tan, I didn’t mess it up, she really does a great job I will have to keep my colour up this year!

Then it was off to get my hair coloured with Tammy



Foils – always a good look while it is curing


See Mum and James….I am relaxing!!


Looking rather sleepy after my head massage, it is always nice to spend time getting your hair done with such lovely company, thank you Ashlee for taking the photos!

….and thanks Mum for looking after the kids….I had better go get them


Miss D is the only one that comes running to come see me now, the others are occupied


Now I have to go soak the tan out of my dress LOL

When I get back I will be throwing myself into organising a fabulous luncheon to celebrate Frocktober so save this date – 1st November – more details to come

I am in holiday mode already….

Love Kirsty xx



3 thoughts on “Frocktober Day 10 – A polish up for my week away with my Hubby

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Gorgeous.. Gorgeous YOU, I meant to tell yesterday when I was talking to you that I loved your Dress & the boots which I thought added class.. Great to see you Pampering yourself. Enjoy your week away you deserve it..your children will have fun with Nanna & Grandad. look forward to the 1st November..Woo-Hoo!!


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