Day 7 Frocktober – an afternoon in the park with Miss D

Dear Diary,

The older kids took off on their own adventures with friends today so that left Miss D at a loose end so we hit the park for some well earned R&R (since we had to hang around town for the kids – forced relaxation is often the best)



She was having fun despite the serious face


It really makes you appreciate how amazing they are when you get to spend one on one time with them and they are not all fighting and making loud noises and mess.

Miss D is such a character, she is very strong willed, can learn something new from only being shown once or finding out herself – hence the 100’s of selfies of her I have on my tablet, and she swears like a trooper – yes, I know…… that is my fault, but the other two never swore and still haven’t and I am constantly being reprimanded by them.  It does take all of my strength to not laugh though.

She has a ‘friend’, a monster that she tells what to do all the time, she was on the phone to him this morning telling him not to mess up the house while we were out and was very upset (pretending to be, with wiping her eyes on Dad’s shirt and all) the other night because the monster told her to ‘shut up’……who knows what she is seeing.

Anyway, here she is in her Frocktober best – A Lil’ Carrie skirt and a Charlie jacket (upcycled from a boy’s shirt) which you will be seeing soon in the little girls version of Secret’s of the Forest (with a lace addiction) and her Obsessive Creative Design beanie.





The temper showing through…….





“I don’t wanna go home…” – she is going to make a killer actress one day.

I don’t often talk about how awesome my kids are, but they really are, I just pray that they never have to suffer, a big reason why I am doing this, to try eliminate some of these awful diseases out of this world so that they can all grow up and grow old with out a care in the world.

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Love Kirsty xx



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