Day 6 Frocktober – Picnic at hanging rock

Dear Diary,

Just a heads up warning, there will by loads of photos in this post as this place is not only amazing, but a big part of my life and very special, plus, I actually had my camera hanging on my neck (which does not happen very often – I usually rely on my talented Mum and Sister to take pics for me) so I got quite snap happy.

When we were little, we were so blessed to have our very large family all living in the same town with us and each one of us kids had a cousin the same age as us which made for ready made besties!!


My bestie being my cousin Megan – love you Meegs!

We literally got up to a plethora of mischief together and a lot of ‘blonde’ moments too – we went yabbying with pink marshmallows (because they see the pink and think meat ….right?? hahaha)

We would spend the whole day at school together and then ring each other on the phone and talk for hours after school, often crying over the phone about who had the most friends.

We would set up backdrops and did each others makeup – she hated when I did wing eyes, she couldn’t see my logic, but I was the one who went on to do beauty therapy and make up artistry, I was just experimenting – then we would use rolls and rolls of films taking photos of each other.

We would take over Mum’s kitchen and make lemon slice EVERY weekend (I just got the recipe off of her last week and made it again for the first time since we were kids) recipe here 

Heck, she would even see my Mum do the naked dash, quite often, across from the bathroom to the kitchen and back – I don’t know why she had to check on dinner while having a shower

My favourite childhood memory though would have to be our family picnics.

There would be a huge convoy of cars off to our favourite places, Eaglestone rock, Mt stirling, Elachbutting , the list is very long.


We would pack up all of our picnic gear and head out to enjoy a BBQ lunch at a rock, there would be many kids, adults and often dogs on our picnics and sometimes we would camp for the weekend.

Another obsession that my cousin and I had was the movie “Picnic at hanging rock” (I never saw it until I was an adult but it was this mysterious, scary thing that we would play when we went to the bush)

So I decided to recreate it today when we went out bush to Eaglestone Rock.


So, kitted out in my Whitney skirt, Leah top (from my collection)

and my “Mrs Bear “hat (if you have seen ‘Mother and Son’ you would know what I am talking about) and set off to play “Picnic at Hanging Rock” {insert scary music here}





Gee, I have hat hair from my cool hat hahahaha



So, the story was, I was having fun exploring the rock, I fell asleep and when I woke, I was lost and never seen again……….

My family already know how special I am and love me for it, so there was no strange looks when I headed out bush in a long skirt, but there were A LOT of other picnickers that day….oh well

Here are some more pics of our day….


I am sure he is part mountain goat…


It is so nice to be back home so our kids can grow up like we did, it is the best childhood for a kid in the countryImageImage

I see you watching me watching you…..


Yes, Miss D made it all the way up and back with little help



Ma & Pa & Wee Jock




I hope you enjoyed seeing my day through pictures as much as we enjoyed being there, I would love to show you our picnic spots, so what do you say…..wanna join me next time??

Don’t forget to donate so those women suffering from ovarian cancer can get back to what they love…

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Until tomorrow

Love Kirsty xx


3 thoughts on “Day 6 Frocktober – Picnic at hanging rock

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Great read, your outfit looked fantastic, you looked like you were on an outdoor photo shoot what a great idea..thanks for sharing Kirsty:)

  2. gail pick

    ahhhh Kirsty you are just like your sister Adelle, your stories are awsome and i re live the times gone by with you both, i love the memories and you are looking so gorgeous on the rock, love you mum xxx


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