Day 5 Frocktober – Frockollicking with the sheep…..

Dear Diary,

It was another nice day today so we stepped outside to go to the dam and skip some stones……when we are outside, we often have an entourage of animals following us, the dog, the cat and the 3 lambs we bottle fed over winter (as cute as that sounds, it is HARD work)

Instead of opening the gate, I often just jump them, but I was not taking into consideration what I was wearing….again….


YES…. I fell over another gate!!!!

(You should all be used to that by now)


Can you believe that when we had the whole mob over here with all of the noise of of the mothers and babies calling each other, that I could tell the difference between the lambs we rescued over the others?? hahahaha


They are getting so big (no ‘lamb chop’ jokes….we are NOT eating them)



The cat looks like a giant at this angle


Miss D loves the sheep


And while we were prancing around in Ball gowns in the middle of the paddock, Hubby’s boss drove past and did a double take…..he must think I am nuts


So, I poured myself into this little upcycled number, it is a little strapless short dress in which I have attached a few different layers of scarves to and it has kicked my butt into getting back into my running and going to the gym (I could hardly breath)….I literally had all of winter off to get my collection done so IT IS TIME TO SHED THE WINTER PADDING!!!!

So watch out for My GYM FROCK soon…..

I have been working on some upcycled ball gowns lately, maybe the high school girls might be interested in something totally unique for their next ball….I am even thinking up a competition where I will make the lucky winner their very own upcycled dress and arrange to have their hair and makeup done to make them feel like ‘Cinderella’ all in the name of ‘warm fuzziness’ to make girls realize they are all special in their own unique way….I am still working out all the details.

another ball dress upcycling creation can be viewed here…

So, the things I have learnt today

* stop jumping fences in dresses

* I cannot hibernate in the sewing room as much and need to get to the gym (exercise, creativity and music are all things I need in my life) balance, balance, balance

*It is great where we live and get outside more to enjoy it

* I know I am a “crazy sheep lady”, but I am a big softie and that is ok

* don’t worry about what the neighbours think hahahaha

* put life into perspective of what is really important

*and get out and spend the afternoon skipping stones with the kids, it is good for the soul

Health is important, you know how they say ‘as long as you have your health’, well not all of us have our health (my husband included) so now is the chance to do a little something for someone less fortunate, and donate…

Donate here

Love Kirsty



5 thoughts on “Day 5 Frocktober – Frockollicking with the sheep…..

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      I have a lot to work out, but my aim is to make teenagers embrace who they are without comparing themselves to others, we are all the same, no one is better than others and i want to instill that in kids before they grow up with too many insecurities about themselves

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Oh my..another day for Frocktober..thanks for the laugh..your dress is gorgeous & Miss D looks cute..Have a great day:)


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