Day 4 Frocktober – A lovely day for a stroll……

Dear Diary,

Miss D and I decided to take a stroll today, all be it at the back of the farm, so we jumped in the car and took off to my favourite place where it is so peaceful and stress free.




Dressed up in our Frocktober best – Twiggy dress from 

and a little upcycled number called KELLY (which Miss D is rocking) made from a ladies lace top and a mans business shirt, we set off to check how the crops are growing, and I must say, they are looking great!

So much better than the miserable year we all had last year, the weather has really been on our side, so hopefully that makes for some very happy farmers out here by the end of harvest!





It’s so beautiful out here, I am so grateful of our decision to come back home to the country after some tough years away.

It is so peaceful and I love watching all the seasons fly by, from this time of year – watching the crops grow (sometimes you can even hear them grow, it is so quiet), to the bustle of harvest and all of the hard working harvesters out there when the weather is warm and balmy.  My favourite time of year would have to be seeding time though, the smell of freshly turned earth and the intense colours of bright blue sky, green trees and rich brown fertile land.  I swear, my eyes have been turned on since coming home and I see things so much more brightly and these walks intensify it more when you have time to breath it all in (that is until the flies get too bad and you breath them in too, only a small hazard which is really quite insignificant to me in the scale of things)












Better get home and get some dinner on, the older kids can come next time, get them off their butts and enjoying the sunshine.  Now to get this gate closed so the sheep don’t have a “field day” in here…..

Don’t forget about donating while we are feeling relaxed and calm to remember that while we are living quite a blessed life, there are others suffering and we can all do something, no matter how small, to make others lives easier.

Love Kirsty xx





6 thoughts on “Day 4 Frocktober – A lovely day for a stroll……

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      thankyou Jill, it is the small things in life we over look sometimes, I love living out here, you just walk outside and realize that the world is so much bigger than what we obsess over and watching life go on out here puts life into perspective


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