Day 2 Frocktober….One of those days……

Dear Diary, Aarrggghhhh, had to get some chores done around the farm today and it ended up being ‘one of those days’. Mum came over for a coffee and brought a big lot of chook scraps, she really does love all the animals out here, bringing gifts, in food form, for all of them. What is usually a straight forward easy job turned into a series of unfortunate events.

OCD collection frocktober Maz frocktober Maz

While we were there, Hubby’s boss rocked up to check the sheep and our dog being the friendly dog that she is, went over to greet his dogs on his ute, so to make it easier for everyone, I ran over to grab her and tie her up so she was out of the way…… Wearing heels really are a hazard out here……. Maz collection OCD

Jumping the knee high fence (that really doesn’t keep the sheep where they are supposed to be) proved to be a bit harder than normal when you have an audience, this happened right in front of Hubby’s boss and it is the second time he has come over and found me lying in the middle of a paddock…….what does he think…….oh well, hahaha There was nothing I could do to make it look like it was deliberate so I just lay there and laugh and Mum snapped away with the camera she hides behind all the time. I got up, rather embarrassed and ran our dog over to get her out of the way, but on the way back to get Miss D from the chook shed…..I DID IT AGAIN!!!! No one saw it this time, so it didn’t happen. And, just to round off a perfect day….The chooks got into the eggs we collected and destroyed half of them!

frocktober 068

Oh well, a few less eggs for Hubby’s breakfast tomorrow So, day 2 had me dusting up my MAZ dress from my collection and the killer boots………… So is this enough to earn a few donations for Ovarian Cancer research?? You can donate here.

Love Kirsty xx ย 


8 thoughts on “Day 2 Frocktober….One of those days……

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      hahaha, I have just been reading your blog, I love your style – clothing and writing!!
      I say ‘just get out there’ but watch out for the typical hazards of wearing such things in everyday settings, much like your dress choice on day 1

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Ohhh…. I had such a giggle, a bit sad about the eggs..not to say your falling over was not to..but hey Life’s like that..your Dress is still Gorgeous..loving your frocktober stories Kirsty, so glad Mum was there with the Camera ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gail pick

    haaaa ha haaa haaa, bringing back memories of that day, and oh what a day that was. we can sit back and laugh about it now, i so enjoy our adventures we have on the farm, love having you and family back home. i have to donate on this 2nd day as it has so many memories for me. so very proud of you my darling xxx

  3. Gail Pick

    memories of that day , still laughing, so proud of what you are doing, love you, butterfly kisses, mumxxxx

    Sent from my iPad



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