A glimpse into my life with FROCKTOBER

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day of FROCKTOBER and I am all set to wear a frock a day for ovarian cancer awareness…..although, it is not too hard for me to wear a dress everyday so I decided to put some pressure on myself (what’s new lol) and make every dress Miss G, Miss D and myself wear….although Master J would love to get involved…..the foot has firmly been put down by his Dad, “he will not be wearing a dress” hehe.

I am still furiously sewing today to  get the rest of my upcycled dresses finished, they have all been begging for my attention in their half finished state for a while now and I can feel their happiness while I pick up each one!

This purple one I have set aside for a lovely trip out with the kids on the school holidays and you will see the Tulle skirt soon on Miss G as part of the little girls collection I am working on.

So here I am  in my most used room (lucky I love it so much, I spend so much time in here), with a very tired little helper,  in my Donna skirt and Vicki top from My Collection

frocktober collection ocd donna frocktober sewing collection frocktober OCD collection obsessive creative design donna frocktober

Are you ready to join me in my everyday life??

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I would love to get your support

Love Kirsty xx


8 thoughts on “A glimpse into my life with FROCKTOBER

  1. Deidre Pettit

    Looking Lovely, & your energy is whole consuming..so enjoy yourself & all the best for Frocktober, & all the support you can get 🙂


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