Next up to be featured from My Collection is KITTY, THE TWINS and TRACY


Care to step back to War time glamour, where the women were liberated and wearing pants but still keeping their femininity with pretty blouses.

The Kitty is upcycling at it’s best, the front of a recycled women’s blouse teamed with sheer lace, a neck bow and a flutter sleeve.

Comes in your choice of colour and every blouse will have different features, depending on the recycled garment found to start the Kitty.


Kitty handmade ladies top

kitty upcycled blouse


Two sweet little camisoles named after my twin Aunties!

Vicki – a sheer lace loose tank style cami and  (green)

Leah – a sheer lace loose tank style cami with spaghetti straps. (beige, maroon, blue)

Wear them tucked in or out, on their own or under a jacket for your fix of lace!

Comes in your choice of colour

$45 each

Vikki handmade singlet

handmade Leah Singlet OCD

Leah handmade singlet


Pure class with an ’80’s vibe is the Tracy.

A stripe bustier with a lace overlay and cute little peplum…


This top can be any colour stripe and lace and even a different pattern other than stripes, let your imagination fly!!

Tracey bustier handmade

kitty Obsessive Creative Designs

Let me Know what you think,

Love Kirsty x


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