The results of the AG ART AWARDS and the whole story!!

Well another competition done and dusted with a lot of feedback about my design and although I didn’t win the ultimate prize and came third in my category, I walk away a winner in my eyes and of the eyes of the people around me considering I made such an impact to the general public that I took out

There are a few categories to the competition
Avant Garde
Under 21
People’s choice
It went as I thought it may, when I started this dress I had 2 designs in my head, and knowing that ‘Shot Gun Wedding’ was a more ‘traditional’ entry, I took the risk of entering it into the Avant Garde section to win the big prize hehe, who wouldn’t, it is a trip to NZ to compete in the field days over there.
And although I didn’t win, the judges had some words for me through one of the organizers of the competition, I was told that they were super impressed with the design, especially the jewellery but felt it was more a ‘traditional entry’, so who knows what the outcome would have been if I had have forgone the chance of winning a trip!
I can’t be disappointed though, The people’s choice is a great honor and I have so much support from all of you, it is quite overwhelming and my talent is getting noticed more each day through things like this.
BRING ON NEXT YEAR!! (you should see the inside of my head right now hehe)
Here is my design  on the runway…
Image   1237006_10201170082467670_120276503_n
Even before I got to see the runway show and was browsing the lifestyle pavilion, looking at all that WA has to offer, including amazing kitchen gadgets, beautiful skin care, ‘out of this world’ handmade furniture, exceptional Australian made dolls (which I know 4 little girls will get from Nanna, you are so lucky my 2 nieces and my 2 daughters – I WANT ONE!) and soooo much more that I think a whole 2 or more blog posts should be dedicated to the Dowerin Field Days and a big urge to anybody who hasn’t been to come along next year to see what all of the fuss is, this year was a record breaker for the amount of exhibitors!
But, back to what I was saying hehe, I met a couple selling ARBONNE cosmetics, a vegan all natural skin care, but while I was talking to them I was telling them about the dress and they had seen it the night before and were amazed by it and asked me to talk to them later about possibly putting it down the runway at the next Wedding Expo they are a part of organising……
You haven’t seen the last of it!!!!
It will also be featured at the art exhibition in our home town along with last years dress.
Avant Garde winner Jaime Croeser
runner-up Annie Hooper
runner-up Annie Hooper
Third Me (Shown without hoop skirt here – I don’t know why)
Traditional winner Annie Hooper                                                   Runner up Patsy Metcalf
Third Leanne Hamilton
I have to say, this competition is a great thing to have in our state and the entries were a little sparse compared to last years, so I am urging you and anyone you know to take the plunge and have a go, it is a lot of fun and great prizes involved and lets face it, I would rather have more competition than not have the competition at all.
You will be hearing more from me about this working up to next years AG ART AWARDS as I would love to keep this great opportunity going. More information here.
So there you have it, it wasn’t overall winner but I am winning with the public!! and that is more than what I bargained for I have a few more jobs for this collection of ‘nuts and bolts’ (and more) as well as my first years entry, more details on where you can see them in the near future.
Until my next crazy adventure – which won’t be too far away, I promise you – don’t forget to tune in for the next chapter in “The Secrets of the Forest (with a lace addiction)”
Love Kirsty

9 thoughts on “The results of the AG ART AWARDS and the whole story!!

  1. Cilla Wass

    I am so proud of you and was thrilled you won the People’s Choice. You have inspired me and I came home with my mind racing with ideas hehehe. I had a ball at the Dowerin Field Day and can’t wait for next year xxx

  2. Mystery Case

    Well I would be offering the judges a bit of feedback and possibly next year they should just have everyone enter openly and then select the rightful winners for each category. Rather than you choose which category to enter. By the looks of the dresses in traditional some selected the wrong category there as well.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next for you!

  3. Deidre Pettit

    Ohh…. Thanks Kirsty..loved your blog, explaining the why’s & wherefore’s..Congratulations on coming 3rd & I am so pleased you won the peoples choice..Woo Hoo… your creation as I have said before is magnificent, your talent is Impressive as well your Designs & thanks for sharing your Story:)


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