The next chapter in the story of the forest is the one involving Twiggy, Gail and Bonnie, the lovely lace sisters.



Obsessive Creative Design Twiggy

Obsessive creative design TWIGGY

Obsessive creative design Twiggy

Inspired by the model of the same name, a bit of ’60’s charm in this sweet swing dress with a racer back for an edge.

Made up of a two toned lining with an all over lace which falls just right to create a cute little day dress, show here with boots, vintage pearls and a bowler hat or glam it up for the evening with heels.

Your choice of colour combination

Dress price- $75


Obsessive creative design Gail

Obsessive creative design Gail

Obsessive creative design  Gail

I made this one and showed the person who taught me all of my sewing skills – my Mum – and she fell in love with it!

It isn’t something she is used to wearing and certainly does not wear anything that draws attention to her waist, but when she put it on OMG, so flattering on her, and the tie belt gave a waist to her apple shape.

So this one is named after my Mum. She even wore it in a fashion parade at a recent event for me – very much out of her comfort zone – she did a great job!!

Spaghetti straps, a soft jersey lining and a contrast lace overlay, comes with a tie belt.

Your choice of colour combination

This dress is styled up with a Sistaco ‘Zhen – Gold Chinese Coin stunning necklace and a Carrie Bradshaw head piece (or crown if you will) made by me.

Dress price- $75


Obsessive creative design Bonnie

Obsessive creative design  Bonnie

Obsessive creative design  Bonnie

This one is a sheer lace overdress, can be worn over a dress, skirt or pants and a top, a favourite of mine to dress up a pair of jeans!

Featuring an off the shoulder, tied at the side and a flutter sleeve.

Your choice of colour.

Dress price- $85

Models – Tarryn Woods, Adelle Cousins and Libby Rabson

Photography – Sheridan Lee Photography

Hair –Twisted Scissors by Lisa Rabson

Make up – Rachael Campbell

I am ready to take your order!!

So, which of the 3 sisters inspires you??

Love Kirsty


10 thoughts on “TWIGGY, GAIL AND BONNIE

  1. Tegan Churchill

    I used to have a dress like your gail dress. It was green and black and like your mum it was so far out of my comfort zone but I loved it. Unfortunately I made the mistake of lending it to someone and never saw it again.

  2. Rhonda

    Love it, love the looks, love the models. I don’t think I would look as good in a sleeveless dress right now. My arms are not so friendly-looking 🙂 if you know what I mean? But with a ‘shrug’ or something I’d wear those anytime.

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      I have always said ‘do what makes you happy’, you should see the clothes that I wear around my little town just to do the grocery shopping!
      But if you don’t wear them to go shopping then when do you??
      I bet you see yourself in a lot harsher way than the rest of us do….free those arms !! hehe

    1. obsessivecreativedesign Post author

      the bonnie is a great one for dressing anything up, I regularly wear it and always get comments, FRIDA is another one that is such a simple design but has great impact, I may feature that one next week!!

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